If you are a hardcore gaming fan, and Xbox advocate then chances are you have done one of two things; either pre-ordered the brand new Xbox One, or decided to brave the crowds and head out tonight to celebrate the UK launch.  Whichever you are doing then chances are appropriate annual leave has been booked in advance and your home stocked with essentials ready for one marathon gaming session.

At exactly midnight tonight, Thursday 21st November, Microsoft’s next generation Xbox Console will be officially unveiled in the UK and the launch in central London is set to be a great event. Microsoft has been counting down the launch on their UK Facebook page indicating that this launch will be a big one. Their London event will include live outdoor performances and celebrity appearances. You don’t need to head to the city to get involved in the action however; to support the midnight launch High Street retailer Game will be opening their stores late into the night in over 300 cities and towns throughout the UK. The USA events are set to feature music from Deadmau 5 as well as rapper Macklemor and Times Square will be busy with actors and performers to support the extravagant event.


XBox One

Xbox fans have waited a long time to get their hands on the next generation console. Its predecessor, the Xbox 360, has enjoyed its glory for a long period of time since its release in 2005. Now however there is a new kid on the block, set to bring fierce competition for the Sony Playstation 4 which launches just a week after the X Box One. The Xbox One is the third Xbox console since Microsoft entered the Gaming console market back in 2001, and is a device that has been hotly anticipated by many gaming fans.

The Xbox One may not look the most aesthetically pleasing of all the consoles, in fact it slightly resembles an original black box VCR, but it’s not about how the device looks its about how it works. The latest offering from Microsoft boasts some impressive specs; with an eight-core CPU, that has been designed especially for the console by Microsoft and AMD. It has 8GB of RAM memory and a 500 GB Hard drive. The graphics are supported by a D3D 11.1 chip and 32mb of memory. It also comes complete with an improved version of Microsoft’s Kinect system which allows the consoles camera to track player body movements.

The Xbox One also has the ability to play Blu Ray discs. The console will not be able to support older Xbox 360 Games but that is hardly a problem considering there are over 50 games set for release at the console’s launch including Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV and games exclusively for the Xbox One including Forza Motorsport 5 . The Xbox One is set to be the most immersive gaming experience from Xbox to date.

The Xbox One will clearly be a competitive rival for the new Playstation 4 which is due for release in the UK the following Friday, 29th November. The Playstation 4 is already available in the USA and achieved over 1 million sales in day one. It is clear that both consoles are going to be high up on Christmas lists this December.

The Xbox One will go on sale for in the UK from £429 complete with the Kinect sensor, £80 more than the Playstation 4 that will be released with the Kinect sensor sold separately.

If you are investing this kind of money on either console then it’s wise to get the appropriate protection. Protect your bubble are currently offering 10% off of all Gadget Insurance until 6th December 2013 and insuring the new Xbox One costs from just £4.00 per month, and £3.59 per month for Playstation 4 Insurance.

If you are undecided about which console to invest in then there are some great reviews available to read on the web. One of the best in depth reviews of both the Xbox one and the Playstation 4 we have found, can be viewed here.


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