If you’ve upgraded to a new mobile phone you have the lingering question of what to do with the old one. Getting a new phone is always great; from new features, to the latest model, and device capabilities, what’s not to love? However, if your old phone mobile phone still works perfectly fine it would be a waste to simply drop it in the bin. Many of us tend to leave is in a drawer and completely forget about it whilst the value of the phones continues to decrease over time. We’ve therefore come up with a few suggestions and ideas for you to  do with your old phone.

Old Smartphones

What To Do With Your Old Mobile Phone After A New Upgrade


Donate it!

Children using smartphones

You can start with immediate family members, move on to ‘no so close’ but needy family members, then on to friends and final on to registered charity organisations that will happily accept your mobile phone as a donation. You can simply Google it to find a registered charity organisation near your area. If you’re a parent and the spare handset is a smartphone, you could download some entertaining educational apps and pass the phone over to your son/daughter. There are hundreds of educational and ‘apps for children’ available for both the iPhones and Android smartphones.

Sell it!

Cash Money

It doesn’t take very long to take a couple of pictures of your old phone and to stick on a website such as eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist or Amazon. You can also mention it on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks that you have a good following or friends and may be interested in paying you for it. If placing online ads, be sure to take several pictures and but honest about the condition of the phone. This includes cosmetic damages such as small scratches. If you still have the box and packaging, it would should be be boxed up it its original packaging as it may be the difference between a potential buyer purchasing from you or from somebody else. As a gadget, iPhone and mobile phone specialist insurer we know only too well that mobile phones do get lost, stolen and damage beyond repair. For those that have not taken out insurance for their mobile phone may be searching online for a replacement if they needed a replacement.

Recycle it!


If you prefer not to sell it or donate it for any reason whatsoever  you have the option to recycle it. In fact we’d recommend recycling your phone over binning it for environmental reasons. . The harmful chemicals in your mobile phone are dangerous to the environment, so they should be properly disposed of with this in mind. There are many online recycling websites that offer mobile phone recycling service and would even pay you based on the valuation of your phone.

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