Owning a dog or a cat can be a bit like having a child. You love them unconditionally and want them to be safe and healthy. Luckily there have been some recent and exciting developments in technology which means that there are a number of gadgets available or in development stages that can help you give your pet the care and protection it needs. Whist good Pet Insurance will ensure that you are able to provide the best care for your pet if something should happen to them, the below gadgets could help you to take care of your pet and help to keep them as healthy and safe as possible:

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1. Leuchtie Light Collar


Leuchtie Light Collar


The Leuchtie Light Collar is a high quality illuminated collar for dogs of all sizes. If you have a busy lifestyle and fit your dogs walks into the dark winter evenings or early morning then making sure your canine is visible to yourself as well as motorists will be highly important. This waterproof LED collar means that your dog can be seen from a distance. It conveniently switches itself on when placed around your dog’s neck, and will remain off when not in use so you can save valuable battery power. The Leuchtie is available in 8 colours and variable sizes for around £33.50. To find out more visit: http://www.leuchtie.co.uk/

2. Pintofeed




It can often be hard to give your pet maximum attention. Even if you despair in leaving your cat or dog alone in the evenings or during the day, sometimes it is unavoidable. A healthy eating routine is good for your pet and therefore it can be important to make sure you never miss a feed. The Pintofeed is an automatic food dispenser for your cat or dog which can be controlled by an app on your IOS, Android or Windows 8 mobile device. It allows you to wirelessly dispense food to your pet whenever you can’t be there to do so, or you can schedule feeding times based on a pets personal schedules. It can also monitor your pet’s food intake and send you notifications about when your pet has been fed. If you are unable to control the app when away then family members or friends can be set up to control the device in your absence. To find out more visit: www.pintofeed.com

3. Petcube


Pet Cube


Even if you have the most independent of pet and have their feeding requirements covered, leaving your pet for an extended period of time can be difficult. The Petcube helps you to stay in touch whenever you like. It is a cube with a camera that allows you to see your pets through an app on your mobile device. If you want to interact with your pet you can speak to and hear them through microphones and speakers they you can. You can even use a laser pointer that allows you to play with your pet while watching from the app. Again, if you cannot access the device, then family members or friends can be set up to use it on your behalf. Petcube isn’t quite readily available in the UK yet, but it’s a great gadget, so chances are it won’t be long until we can get our hands on one. To find out more visit: http://petcube.net/


4. Loc8tor Plus Pet Tracker


Locator Pet


Not knowing where your pet is can be a stressful situation; even if you think they may be lost in your own garden or home. Being able to locate them with ease can be a huge time saver and reduce unnecessary worry. If your pet is prone to disappearing then the Loc8tor Pet Tracker could help ease those worries and make sure that your pet gets returned home with ease. The credit card sized locating device helps you to find your pet using audio and visual guides. The pack comes with 2 lightweight tags so you can track two pets if required and if you have a cat that likes to pull a Houdini escape out of their collar then it can be used to locate this also. This device is already available in the UK for around £69.99 so there is no need to wait. To find out more or to buy this product visit www.loc8tor.com


5. Whistle Dog Tracker



Currently Whistle is only available for pre-order in the USA, but fingers crossed it makes it over the UK soon as it provides the ultimate insight into your pet’s behavior. The Whistle Activity Monitor is an attachable to collar device that measures the activities of your dog and records day to day behavior and health trends. This device paints a full picture of your pet’s health and activity and tracks trends over time so that any abnormalities can potentially be picked up on and investigated. You can also set and monitor goals for your pet so that you know that they are getting a balanced and healthy lifestyle and peace of mind. To find out more visit: www.whistle.com

Making sure that you pet has a healthy lifestyle is highly important and so is making sure they get the right care when needed. If something goes wrong then vets bills can be extremely high. Make sure that you are protecting yourself against the financial inconvenience of caring for your pet if they need emergency care, medication or even surgery, by investing in the right Pet Insurance.


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