Your iPhone is a highly versatile device. In fact, it may be more versatile that you realise. Thanks to the internal workings of the iPhone and the sheer number of apps available there are numerous things your iPhone can do that you are probably not aware of.

Of course, you can find out more about your iPhone from the instructional guide and from the Apple website. The iPhone was designed to do a lot more than what most people think it can do, so take a few moments and browse around to see what you’ve been missing.

10 Unusual features of the iPhone

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Here are the top 10 things unusual things I found that your iPhone can do. Depending on your circumstances, you may find yourself using some, if not all of them at some point in time.

10) Correcting the Autocorrect

More than once we’ve sent messages to our friends that contained a dirty word or two because the autocorrect decided that foul language was somehow more appropriate than just sending a misspelled word. Now you can correct the autocorrect thanks to this feature which allows you to substitute words when you misspell it. This works really well if you know which words are screwed up the most when you send out your text.

9) Clear your History

Have you ever let a friend use your iPhone to call someone or check their email and then wonder if they were checking your web history instead? If you want to protect your privacy, you can go to “settings”, then “Safari” and switch “private browsing” to the “On” mode which will protect prying eyes from what you were doing. Furthermore, you can clear out your browser history, cookies and any leftover data by using “clear cookies and data” along with “clear history”.

8) Create Custom Gestures

You can create custom gestures on your iPhone to get where you need to go quickly and easily. Go to “settings”, “general”, and then “accessibility” and switch “assistive touch” to the “on” setting. Now you can create a new gesture to record the swipe that you want to duplicate. Then hit save and it will be stored in your favorites from now on.

7) Keep Your Hands Warm

Yes, there is an app called Warm Your Hands which will cause the iPhone to heat up. It’s perfect for really cold days when you are outside and need to get the feeling back in your hands. While it will not damage your iPhone, heating it up in this manner will drain your battery quick. So use this particular app judiciously so you can still use your iPhone when you need it.

6) Speed Up Browsing by Leaving off “www”

If you are typing in a web address, you don’t have to put in the “www” in order to get where you want to go. Leaving off the “www” can save you up to five seconds when typing in a web address. While five seconds doesn’t sound like much at first, it can add up over time, especially if you like to browse a lot. This function can also be found on computers and laptops as well, so go ahead and leave off the “www”.

5) Use Camera Flash for Ringtone

Are you not happy with any of the ringtones provided? Perhaps you like to keep things to a minimum and reduce your profile to others? One way you can keep more privacy is by going into “settings”, then “accessibility” and turning on “LED flash for alerts”. This will prompt your iPhone to use the camera flash whenever you receive an email or message when the iPhone is on silent. Just be sure to keep your iPhone in your pocket or handbag in the movie theater.

4) Double Tap for All Caps

This little known features lets you “scream” out a message on your iPhone. Go to “settings”, then “general”, “keyboard and hit “enable caps lock”. This will allow you to type in all caps if you so desire and not have to hold down the shift key, just like on a real keyboard. Of course, you probably want to be a little judicious with your new power to type in all caps. But on those special occasions when only “All Caps” will do, you have the power to do so.

3) Send out as Many Pictures as you Want

Basically, Apple states that you can only send out five pictures on your iPhone at a time. However, if you use the “copy and paste” function, you can include as many pictures as you want. You can also send out pictures to emails by using the “text message app”. All you need to do is type in the email address, include a message and then attach the picture and send. Of course, your friends may or may not appreciate seeing dozens of pictures from you at a time, so keep that in mind.

2) Shoot a Movie

You can do more than just film someone on the street or video your friends at the latest party. You can actually create a movie all from your iPhone. This means that you can cut, edit and create a story from the images that you video. While your movie may not make it to the big screen, it is a great way to learn the basics of shooting and editing. Creating a movie can be a great deal of fun and the iPhone will let you make a pretty good

1) Save Lives

Your iPhone also contains information that makes it an emergency first aid book. The information contained can help stop bleeding, call emergency services and other emergency services that explains in simple, straightforward terms just how you can save a life. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it, but it is there just in case.

And these are just 10 of the many unusual things your iPhone can do. Now you know how amazing your iPhone is you should really consider protecting your amazing asset by purchasing iPhone insurance?

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