If you happen to be a frequent road user or always on the move, having relevant apps installed on your iPhone would be of great assistance. We’ve tried and tested some apps that would not only help navigate around but also help with local interest points, expense tracking if you’re travel for work reasons, note taking if you’re attending meetings and more.

As you know; aside from games, entertainment and social networking apps, there are many other uses that a smartphone can bring and the more apps you have intalled, the more usage potential you could bring out of your iPhone. We’ve compiled a list of 6 good iPhone apps that is worth having installed, especially for those that are always on the move.

Top iPhone Apps for those on-the-go – April 2013

London Travel

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A number of people who have used WorldMate have stated that it is the best of all their travel management requirements. This means that you can centralise and view all of your pertinent travel information from meetings, accommodations and any other travel options. WorldMate (Gold) is a the portable version the renowned online application that is ‘cloud based’. Using Google maps, it can help you visually map out any travel requirements, distances and locations between meetings, hotels and even airports.


WorldMate and TripIt are fairly similar to one another. The main difference between TripIt and WorldMate is that TripIt will allow you to share your travel dates and location with family, clients and colleagues. This means that your itinerary can be synchronised with their gadgets to avoid conflicts, or it can be sent to selected contacts. It also goes well with social media sites such as LinkedIn. Additionally, it tracks the nights one has been on the road, miles, cities, countries visited and cumulative trips. Finally, it can link you with your company’s travel group so that you can see where your fellow colleagues are going or have been.

Xpense Tracker

A crucial part of travelling is accounting for any expenses incurred during travel. Xpense Tracker has been created with the sole purpose of keeping accurate and independent tabs on all your reimbursables, expenses and spending on your mobile phone. An archive (cumulative) of all your trips will help you when you are planning for future budgeting. We’ve included this particular ‘expense tracking’ app as it also has a very useful built in mileage log – making it very handy for the traveller.


You may need to know all available flights for the location and time before you make a trip or go for a meeting. FlightTrack Pro has proven to be very reliable in determining the viable options available to and from particular locations. Additionally, the tool sends information directly to your gadgets on the departure and arrival of any flights you may be interested in. It is great as it can tremendously help you with your personal travel.


With Evernote on your mobile phone, you can cut & paste, drop, capture, add information relating to multiple trips or a particular trip. It can also synchronise between desktop applications such as Clipboard, Internet Explorer, Word, Outlook and so forth. With this in mind, you are assured of having all information such as maps, translated or local phrases, navigation guides to clients’ offices, restaurants, hotel bookings, itineraries and anything else accessible whenever you may need it. To be able to efficiently and quickly access this data without carrying lots of duplicated or printed sheets of paper, create different folders for each activity or location.

Where To Go?

If you happen to be moving around from one location to another, you are likely to find yourself in a location that you haven’t been before or don’t know the local area very well. This app will come of assistance if you need to find the closest bar, grocery store, pharmacy, taxi firm or historical point-of-interest, WhereToGo is the app you need.

It works globally, has over 500 location types and even provides turn-by-turn directions to your chosen destination and has a nice customisable interface.

You can download these apps and have a play but we recommend put those apps to the real test by leaving those installed on your iPhone and using those whilst you’re actually on the move. If there’s other apps you would recommend to our readers, please suggest those using the comment form below.

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