Apple App Store offers wide range additional apps to optimise the functions of almost all Apple’s computers including the Apple Mac, iPhone, and iPad. On Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and iPad, you’re likely to find thousands of apps in many different categories including games, music, productivity, business, news, and more. If you are a journalist, you can also make use of your iPhone to help you to do your job by installing certain apps from the store. We’ve looked at some popular apps and have compiled a list of 5 that would be very useful to have installed on your iOS device.

Top 5 Must Have iPhone Apps for Journalists – April 2013

1. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation

Typing on a touchscreen device can be a cumbersome business for some people. To avoid possible typos and quicken the entire typing process, you can use Dragon Dictation. As the name suggests, you are allowed to dictate your iPhone and let the device write the words for you. The app recognises spoken voices and converts them into text. You are able to use the app for many different platforms such as note taking, emails, Facebook, Twitter and even SMS. The app is continuously improved for better accuracy. It supports multiple languages for better usability. Dragon Dictation works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It requires internet connection to work.

2. Pro HDR


Capturing some pictures is an important part of a journalist’s job. Everybody knows that an iPhone can capture great quality pictures, but you can also use Pro HDR app to further enhance this function. Similar to some handheld digital cameras, Pro HDR will allow your iPhone to take multiple images with a single shot only. An image focuses on highlights, while another handles the shadows. Automatically, Pro HDR will merge the images and produce a stunning photography effect. Every calibration is done automatically by the app. You can also edit the captured image directly on your iPhone. In case you need to capture a moment while you are in a hurry, Pro HDR can handle all the necessary adjustments or settings; all you need to do is to tap your iPhone’s screen. It also offers Manual mode for more flexibility in terms of functions. Therefore, Pro HDR is suitable for either amateur or professional journalist. The app is compatible with iPhone 5, 4s, 4, the New iPad and iPad Mini.

3. iTeleport


With this app installed you are able to access files on your desktop or laptop and load the screen directly on your iPhone. iTeleport allows you to access files and use any application on your Mac, Windows, or Linux remotely from anywhere in the world as long as you connected online. It even provides keystroke combinations such as Ctrl-Alt-Del from the iPhone’s screen. This app is actually optimized for iPhone 5, but it is still compatible with any device running iOS 6 or later versions.

The availability of apps for Apple’s devices is superior compared to that for most other mobile phones or gadgets. Every app basically tries to improve the functions and help you to fully optimize the uses of your device. The mentioned apps are merely example; you can find many other downloadable applications to help you to perform your journalism activities.

4. Dropbox


A virtual storage device is always important for all sorts of professions including journalist. Dropbox simply functions as a virtual hard drive where you can store multiple files such as documents, pictures, and videos. Since everything is saved virtually, you can access the files via the internet by using computers, iPhone, and iPad. A journalist may need to store the files in his/her Dropbox account, so the publisher can immediately access them without any hassle. You can also share a link instead of an attachment; it will be quicker and more efficient. Dropbox also provides an option for offline viewing. Another good benefit is that all your files will remain intact in case your iPhone is broken. When accident happens, it can damage your device, but your valuable files will always be safely stored.

5. WriteRoom

Write Room

Dragon Dictation offers a distinguishable yet easier way to create text, but some people may prefer to use keyboard. In this case, WriteRoom can be a very useful app to make everything better. Generally, the app creates a distraction-free writing environment where you can write comfortably without any clutter on the device’s screen. It does not only sweep away all the distractions, but it also provides many useful features including word count, Autocorrect, Fullscreen, Print & Email, and more. In general, it is a word-processing app provided in a clear writing environment on iPhone or iPad.


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