The iPhone 5c has certainly made waves for those who love smartphones. The iPhone series is the most celebrated and vaunted of the current line of smartphones, but with the competition right on its heels, Apple has made significant improvements and added new features for customers to enjoy. In fact, those who use other Apple devices will find integrating with their iPhone 5c easier than ever thanks to the new advancements that this smartphone has to offer.


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Top 10 Features of the iPhone 5c

What follows are the top 10 new features of the iPhone 5c, a powerful new smartphone with plenty of great options and improvements over the previous series of iPhone designs. While the top 10 certainly gives you enough to consider the iPhone 5c, there are many more features as well.

1) New Design: The new iPhone 5c features a complete plastic design case that is sturdy, impact resistant and features new, brilliant colours as well. The new plastic design is thin, yet very strong with a seamless outer shell and reinforced steel frame. This means that the iPhone 5c is more impact resistant, yet lightweight and comfortable to use.

2) Speed: Thanks to the new A6 chip, the iPhone 5c boasts more pure speed than its predecessors when it comes to all the online functions of this device including the ability to:

–       Launch Apps

–       Download Video

–       Load Up Blogs

–       Play Games

–       Do Practically Everything Online at a Much Faster Speed

The A6 chip is a revolution in design that manages to speed up the online functions of the iPhone while taking up less in the way of power. This means you get greater, longer lasting performance that you can count on time and time again.

3) iSight Camera: This 8mp iSight camera is arguably the most popular right now in the world. This is in large part due to the five-element lens that takes extraordinary pictures. You can get incredible panorama shots like in large stadiums or outdoors to capture stunning vistas. Just the panorama feature alone is enough for most to enjoy the use of this camera, whether it’s taking pictures of the entire family or capturing a special event.

4) Camera App: Not only does the iSight provide a great camera, the new camera app is just about as impressive. You can choose the type of formats that you want your images to appear. For example, you can choose the traditional square format that is very popular in social media circles. Plus, you can select from up to eight live filters as well that can be used either before or after you take the picture. From black and white for moody, introspective photos to the Chrome filter to highlight sunsets, the new camera app is a must-have for photography buffs everywhere.

5) Colours: You now get to choose from a variety of colours as well. There are currently six different colours for the cases that are vibrant, alive and very, very cool. You can certainly find the colour that best matches what you want from your iPhone. Plus, all the colours really stand out which can be important when trying to find your iPhone.

6) HD Video: You can now shoot in 1080p HD video for remarkable clarity. In addition, the new 3x zoom feature lets you get closer to the subject when you can’t get close yourself. Plus, the video stabilization feature will smooth out all the shaky moments as well. Perhaps the niftiest feature is the ability to take photos while shooting a video to help you capture the story within the story.

7) Greater LTE Coverage: The iPhone 5c has up to 13 LTE bands, more than any other smartphone on the market today. This means that iPhone users can download and upload faster than ever in more places around the world. Thanks to the greater number of LTE carriers, this means that the network is continuing to grow so you can experience the value of the LTE coverage in more places than ever before.

8) The iCloud System: Although available for all Apple devices, the iCloud is especially useful for the iPhone 5c as it provides even greater access to your personal content. For example, you can use the iCloud Photo Sharing system and send images and videos to your friends’ iOS devices quickly and easily. Plus, they can comment and you can comment back on the photos and videos that are shared. Also, there is a new Activation Lock feature that is part of the “Find My iPhone” program that makes it quite difficult for anyone to use your device when properly locked.

9) iOS 7: The new, cleaner and easier to use icons of the iOS 7 act as the perfect compliment to the iPhone 5c. The extraordinary interface is designed to be even more intuitive than before, creating a simple means of finding what you want as quickly as possible. By reducing the number of steps needed to find the icons, the iOS 7 program augments the iPhone 5c perfectly.

10) Long Battery Life: Because the A6 chip is very energy efficient, the iPhone 5 carries a very long battery life. This represents a significant improvement over the predecessors of the iPhone line and means that you can now surf the web, play games, and carry out all the functions of your iPhone 5c for longer than ever before.

The iPhone 5c is truly extraordinary and the top 10 best features alone do not fully cover the amazing breath and range that this smartphone has to offer. Considering all the advancements that the iPhone 5c has to offer all for a low, reasonable price, its little wonder than this is one popular smartphone.


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