There are several techniques in which you may improve performance and enhance your fitness through cycling. Generally, to enhance and maintain performance, cyclists should focus on kit; training; nutrition and specific intensity training. Below are top 10 cycling training tips provided by us at Protect your bubble:

Top 10 Tips for Cycling Training

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1. Kit

You must invest in some main specialist kit items that can potentially protect your life as well as protect you from bad weather conditions. Investing in a high quality bike helmet could even save your life in the event of an accident. Cycling shorts are also essential as they prevent soreness from constant rubbing. You should also invest in good cycling shoes as they enhance pedalling effectiveness. Cycling sunglasses prevents dirt, dust and flies from getting into eyes. During winter seasons, you should consider investing in a good waterproof jacket. Moreover, you may carry snacks and drinks to take as you ride as cycling involve a lot of energy. The other items that you should include in your special kit to help you keep on the road are a pair of allen keys, tyre levers, a puncture repair kit, an extra inner tube as well as a pump.

2. A correctly set bike

A correctly set saddle can reduce discomfort as well as enhance your performance and pedalling efficiency as when you sit comfortably, you use less power to pedal. The saddle height determines the power you will use when pedalling. Low saddle height involves more power which can lead to strain on your knee and exhaustion while too high may cause extreme friction and an uncomfortable ride.

3. Bike weight

For easier cycling, you should try to make your bike as light as possible, especially if you are going for a shopping trip. Don’t attempt to carry load on your hand but on your bike. It is important to invest in some backpacks, panniers and a handlebar bag for easier cycling.

4. Strength Training

Not all training can improve your cycling. Strength training can give you the capability to produce greater power, delay exhaustion as well as control your bike and as a result, improve your performance. There are specific intense workouts that can improve your cycling, especially for the legs, arms as well as back. Gymnasium training like leg press-ups and weighted squats or else lunges and bodyweight squats, are perfect for building leg muscle while bicep curls as well as tricep press-ups can fortify your arms. Still, dumbbell rows as well as lat pull-downs can fortify your upper and middle back whereas back extensions can strengthen the lower back.

5. Interval Training

Interval training is vital for cyclists who want to increase speed and stamina whilst challenging their body on a range of levels. Interval workout is a type of short but repetitive physical exercise which involves a cycle of low-to-high strength training combined with recovery periods. Interval training can drastically enhance your overall performance as well as improve your cardiovascular and aerobic capacity.

6. Nutrition

Cycling requires energy and hence, to enhance your performance and recovery, you must eat a healthy diet. You need to be mentally and physically fit to be able to effectively ride a bike and thus, you must make sure you eat enough carbohydrate before, during as well as after cycling. During cycling your energy requirements will definitely increase and as a result, you should aim to take small, frequent meals as you ride so as to sustain energy levels. Carbohydrate drinks can give you enough while cycling.

7. Hydration

Take a lot of fluids as cycling will definitely increase your fluid requirements. Cycling cause excessive sweating and exhaled breath resulting in increased heat beats which can easily result to dehydration if you don’t have enough water inyour system. Sports drinks are the best way to keep hydrated and energized during cycling as they prevent exhaustion and improve performance through preventing a decrease in blood sugar and reducing the impacts of dehydration.

8. Good chest flexibility

You should attempt to have good chest flexibility when cycling. It I important to try to stretch up for a few minutes after every ride as the curved shoulder position which most people use on the bike may cause the upper back muscles and the chest to overstretched. Therefore, you should involve your chest each time, and preferably you must stretch your legs too.

9. Go for lengthy rides

Lengthy rides are the basis for all cycling training. You should go for lengthy rides weekly or fortnightly. Lengthy ride can enhance your stamina as well as make you know how to use fuel effectively. Going for a long ride means more than one hour, depending on your fitness and goals. Moreover, a long ride can give you a good chance to discover new regions and travel to new places.

10. Other cycling alternative

Finally, there are various options you can use in case of bad weather or when you prefer an indoor cycling including gymnasium bikes, rollers, cycle trainers as well as spinning classes.

In conclusion, with the right kit, a fuelled stomach and staying hydrated can make your cycling more pleasurable and beneficial. If you follow the above top ten cycling tips you can experience enhanced performance and fitness.

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