Riding a bicycle not only reminds many people of their childhood, but it is also a great way to get into shape and enjoy the outdoors as well. Today, bike riding is exercise, a hobby and a sport for millions of people around the world. For those who take bicycling seriously, owning one of the best bikes on the market it an important goal in this particular realm.

Of course, there are different types of bikes for different type of interests. Whether you are planning on riding down the street or going over that mountain, you will need to find the right bike that fits your needs. Once you have decided why you want to get the bicycle, the next step is finding the best on the market so that you can fully enjoy your ride.

While riding your new bicycle is one of life’s great joys, having to spend money to fix or replace your bicycle after an accident can be quite troubling indeed, especially after you have invested so much into your bicycle. However, you can protect your investment by purchasing Bicycle Insurance so you can handle having to repair or replace it if the worst should happen.

What follows are the Top 10 Bicycles You Can Buy. The list represents a smattering of different types of bicycles that range from casual riding to sport and so forth. From this list, you can get a pretty good idea of the different types of bicycles available.


10) Specialized Tarmac Mid Compact


Specialised compact

For those who are serious about getting the most performance out of their bicycle, the Specialized Tarmac Mid Compact offers a carbon fiber frame that is built for racing. You can feel the energy this bike has in store with its quick acceleration, easy controls and ability to race towards the finish. This is the bike made for competitors.

9) Civia Twin Cities Step-Through



A subsidiary of QBP, Civia offers a wide range of models perfect for those in the city or living out in the country. The Twin Cities bike offers a rugged steel frame and pleasing aesthetics to make this one of the most beautiful bikes on the market today.  Perfect for casual riding, especially on pre-designated bike trails, the Civia Twin Cities Step-Through bike offers plenty of great features.


8) Shinola Bixby



One of the most interesting bikes on the list, the Shinola Bixby is also one of the most beautiful. Designed for casual riding, the Bixby offers a unique look as well as great touches like the leather seat and hand grips. The bike itself looks like it came from a bygone era, yet nothing quite like it has ever been produced.


7) Cannondale CAAD10 5 105



Another high performance bike built for competition, the Cannodale CAAD10 does not use carbon fiber technology, but sticks to the classic aluminum frame for a smooth ride and long lasting performance. The lightweight frame will help you race towards the finish line ahead of many of its carbon fiber contemporaries since the frame weighs less than 3 pounds.


6) Civilian Rambler


A retro-model that appears to come right out of Paris in the 1950s, this touring bike is quite beautiful and perfect for that long ride along the bike trails. The wide, front wheel mount offers maximum stability while the swept-back handlebar provides excellent control. There is even a U-Lock slot on the bike as well. Throw in the leather-covered saddle and high-flange hubs and you have a bike perfect for riding around town.


5) Viva Kilo


A bike seemingly right out of Scandinavia, this elegant touring bicycle is very distinctive while being easy to ride for almost all ages. The high-rise handlebar and spring-loaded Gyes saddle will help you overcome any obstacles in the way from potholes to bumps and so forth as you ride down the roads and trails. There is even a nifty headlight to shine your way home for riding on the warm nights.


4) Cervelo R3d




If you want to win the Tour de France, then this bike just might be one of your choices. The Cervelo R3 is one of the more expensive, but highly durable bike that it built for speed. Using Shimano 105 components and the latest in design technology to redistribute the weight of the rider properly, this bike is rigid enough for excellent control, yet light enough to make that sprint towards the finish line a real winner.


3) Raleigh Clubman



Another retro touring bike that looks like it came straight out of the Tour de France, when it was held in the 1950s, the Raleigh Clubman lets you do a little long distance travelling of your own in the city or countryside. The classic design, clean ride and excellent steel frame helps cushion the impact while providing a wonderful ride. Everything from the classic Brooks saddle, rack mounts and sturdy fenders are right here.


2) Trek Cocoa

Trek Cocca

One of the most fashionable bikes on the list, the Trek Cocoa is both practical and elegant thanks to its unique styling. Offering full fenders and a rear wheel guard, the Cocoa also has an enclosed drive train to keep the chain away from your pants, boots or dress. A three-speed internal hub helps you arrive on time when riding the city streets without having to break a sweat.


1) Breezer Uptown EX


Breezer Uptown

Although Joe Breezer, who created the Uptown EX is more known for his mountain bike designs, his recent foray into city bikes has culminated with this excellent design. Relatively inexpensive, yet fun to ride and very elegant, the Uptown EX is certainly perfect for that ride around town. The bike includes a rack, kickstand, fenders and chain guard to help make the experience of riding this bike complete.

This has been the Top 10 Bicycles You Can Buy, which represents some of the best touring and racing bikes on the market today. For those who are looking for a little adventure, style and comfort, these 10 bikes are certainly game for the challenge.

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