Whether you own a world-class racer or a cheap little bike you purchased from your neighbor, owning a bike can be one of life’s great little joys. However, having that bike stolen can be greatly annoying as well. This is why investing in a good bike lock is important if you want to keep your ride safe and sound.

However, no bike lock is foolproof and the authorities do not exactly place bike theft at the top of their agenda. So you will need to write down the serial number of your bicycle and register it as well just in case the worst happens. Still, a good bike lock will acts as a solid deterrent against theft since the bicycles that are usually taken are less well protected.


Bicycle Lock


While riding your new bicycle is one of life’s great joys, having to spend money to fix or replace your bicycle after an accident or if it is stolen can be quite troubling indeed, especially after you have invested so much into your bike. However, you can protect your investment by purchasing bicycle insurance so you can handle having to repair or replace it if the worst should happen.

What follows are the Top 10 bicycle locks you can buy on the market today. Each of these locks is built to present the most amount of difficulty to thieves while being easy to use and store.

10) Oxford Magnum Long

This is a solid U-lock that presents a formidable challenge to thieves. While it does carry a longer shackle that makes it a little more vulnerable to certain forms of theft, it makes up for it thanks to the use of high quality materials. Plus, the added length makes it easier to use, so it works for many different types of bikes. The Oxford Magnum Long is certainly an impressive, formidable lock for all types of bicycles.

9) Blackburn San Quentin

As the name implies, this lock is certainly one of the best on the market today as well as being one of the most innovative. Instead of the traditional U-shape design, the lock shackle is hexagonal which prevents it from spinning. A further innovation is the dual-bolt locking mechanism that makes it even tougher to pick. There is even an anti-scratch liner inside the shackle to prevent scuffing or damage to your bike. Overall, the Blackburn San Quentin is one of the most impressive bike locks on the market today.

8) Master Lock Street Flexium

This nifty lock and chain offers good security while being long enough to encompass most bikes. In addition, there is a nylon sleeve around the chain to prevent scraping to protect the paint of your bike. As with most lock and chain combinations, it’s not exactly the easiest to carry and you probably want to purchase a small bag for transportation. Otherwise, this tough, robust design makes it one of the best locks on the market.

7) Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

The humorous name aside, this is arguably one of the best U-locks ever made for bike protection. The shackle is 18mm thick and made from tool steel while the oversized steel sleeve that covers the crossbar discourages bolt cutters as well. In addition, the relatively small size of the lock helps prevent prying which makes this one of the best locks you can find. It can even be paired with another cable to protect a second bike from theft.

6) Abus U-Mini 401

This is a somewhat small U-lock, but it work very well in discouraging thieves from stealing your bike. Lightweight and rubber-coated to protect the paint on your bicycle, this U-lock has a very smooth locking mechanism and the two-way shackle makes it very easy to use. It also helps that this lock has four keys so if you lose one, there is still three to go. Overall, this is an excellent lock at a very good price.

5) Master Lock Street Cuffs

Another unusual design, this particular bike lock mimics handcuffs that are used on criminals, not for locking up bikes. Still, the design is practical as it is small, making the lock easy to carry and is crafted from hardened, laminated steel making them difficult to break. However, the small locking area of the cuffs means that you can only lock the frame and anchor point which may or may not be adequate.

4) OnGuard 5003 Pitbull STD

This potent U-lock is wide enough to handle a variety of anchor points while being small enough to carry. The secure, key-free bracket makes it quite tough and difficult for thieves to open. However, the heft of the lock may make it difficult for smaller riders to handle in trying to secure their bike. Still, the coating makes this lock weatherproof and it even has a built-in light, too.

3) Abus Bordo Granit X Plus 6500

A folding, hexagonal lock that can secure items as large as fire extinguishers also makes for a pretty good lock for your bicycle as well. Although expensive, the hardened steel bars offer a number of advantages, most notably that they can fold up for easy carrying. Plus, the bars are soft-coated to protect the paint on your bike as well. It helps that they are German-made, so you know that they are tough.

2) Hiplok

One of the most interesting lock designs around, the Hiplok uses a unique system that solves the one big issue with lock-and-chain types which is portability. There is a Velcro quick-release system which means that you can carry this lock easily around your waist. In addition, the lock comes in several different colors and is quite secure.

1) TiGr Lock

Certainly one of the most unusual bike lock designs, the TiGr Lock resembles a pair of tongs that are fastened at the “open” end. While certainly striking in appearance, the bow is made from titanium that is lightweight and covered with clear PVC that protects the paint on your bike as well. Longer versions of this lock can wrap around the frame and both wheels as well.

This has been the top 10 bicycle locks you can buy, some of the best on the market today that can protect your bike against theft.


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