The bicycle is certainly one of the most common conveniences we have in the UK. For well over a century, the bicycle has been the mainstay of transportation for the youth as well as adults who enjoy getting out in the fresh air and exercising.

However, not all bikes are made the same and the most expensive use the latest, top grade materials and technology to go faster and accomplish more in less time than your average bike. For those who are planning on racing in the next big event, having one of these magnificent bikes is certainly worth the price.

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Here are the top 10 most expensive bikes in the UK market. These bikes are certainly not for the everyday rider, but they do show just home much can go into a bicycle when it is ridden in top evens such as the Tour de’ France.


Expensive bike

Enigma Titanium Bicycle


Created by Digi Foo-Kune, this unforgettable creation became one of the most recognizable all-titanium bicycles in the world. Personalized with inset diamonds, gold parts and trim, this bicycle was eventually given as a wedding present that cost an impressive £10,000. Needless to say, the bride was very happy with the gift.


Delta 7 Ascend


For those who do not like sticking to the city roads and want to seek out some adventure, this little beauty is certainly one that is up for the challenge. Unlike traditional steel bike frames that are strong, but very heavy and cumbersome on rough terrain, the Delta 7 Ascend is crafted from carbon fiber instead. Carbon fiber technology has been heavily promoted in the automotive scene because it is a very lightweight material that is several times stronger than steel. Of course, the use of carbon fiber makes this one of the more expensive bikes on the market as well with a price tag of £7,275. Given the overall quality, the price is actually quite reasonable.


ETA Gold-Plated Charge Plug Bicycle


For the 2008 Green Transportation Week, The ETA insurance company displayed a 24K gold-plated Charge Plug bike that featured a customized seat, chain and handlebars. This expensive bicycle certainly impressed the crowd with its combination of style, color and incredible brilliance. The price tag for this particular bike was a cool £9,500 and arguably worth every pound.


Chrome Hearts x Cervelo Bike


You can find the standard Cervelo P4 TT bike, an outstanding model used by those who want the most out of their bicycling experience for a mere £3,630. However, this limited edition model cost just a bit more at £36,370. Needless to say, this limited version was designed with Cervelo, arguably the most prestigious bicycle manufacturer in the world, to be an unforgettable model that included rhinestones, leather, and precious metals and topped off by the Chrome Hearts graphics. This is truly one of the more unforgettable bikes available today.


Porsche Sports and Rennsports Bikes


For those who want to travel the countryside in style, look no further than the Porsche Sports and Rennsports Bikes which offer designer accessories while providing a heart-pumping experience on the trails and pathways across the UK. Similar in some ways to the Chrome Hearts Cervelo bicycle, this version emphasizes comfort, style and safety befitting the Porsche name. The RS and S version of these bikes come with large wheels with special curves to maintain precise control, a 20 gear shift box and carbon fiber framing for the best in lightweight, but super strong materials. No wonder it costs £5,100.


Colnago for Ferrari D2


The teaming of Colnago with Ferrari, one of the most respected auto makers in the world has meant a crossover of technology to create one of the most impressive bikes around, the Colnago for Ferrari D2. Using the best of Italian craftsmanship and sporting a carbon fiber frame, this bike weighs a mere 6 kg, yet is sports a super-strong frame. At £10,000, it’s certainly not light in the pocketbook, but it does offer one of the most impressive rides you can find.


Jeronimo Slutter Ti Bike


Created with a titanium frame and leather accoutrements, this particular bike is quite striking in appearance and features many innovative touches. Featuring an integrated seat post, leather saddle, a Shimano Alfine internal rear hub,100% carbon fork and titanium satin matte natural finish, this is certainly a very impressive bike for a mere £5,990.


Montante Luxury Gold Collection


Nothing says style, class and expense like a gold bike from Italian bicycle master Montante. This particular version comes with 24K leaf coating, 11,000 Swarovski stones and a python leather finish. All this style, comfort and performance comes with the hefty price tag of £28,000.


Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike


Complete with 600 Swarovski crystals that adorn the gold-plated frame of this marvelous bike, the Gold Bike Edition is an exclusive one that boasts a number of designer features. A gold leaf encrusting a leather badge tops off all the incredible design and detail that Aurumania has put into this creation. At a cool £62,000, it’s also one of the more expensive models as well.


Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept


This carbon fiber bike is one of the most special ever crafted. Sold in the same auction at Sotheby’s that featured Lance Armstrong’s racing bikes, this one was just as impressive and while it didn’t quite sell for the same amount, at £120,000, it was certainly in the neighborhood. Certainly one of the most impressive designs for bikes ever crafted, the Trek Yoshitomo is certainly an unforgettable creation.

Although most of these bikes are exclusive models, most of them can be purchased in the UK market for those who have the money to do so. However, less expensive versions of these bikes are also offered by the manufacturers so that more people can enjoy the style, comfort and performance that they offer.

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