7 Festival Essentials this Summer

Glastonbury Festival at night

Glastonbury Festival

The arrival of June means the UK festival season is about to go into full swing with festivals coming thick and fast, from Parkilfe & Field Day at the beginning of June all the way through to Bestival in September. Below we’ve listed some items (apart from the obvious like tents/wellies) that we see as essential to ensuring you maximise your festival experience.


Portable charger

According to Twitter’s top trends, 2014 was the year of the selfie but so far that trend hasn’t showed any sign of slowing. Apps like Snapchat and Instagram can be a massive drain on the battery so don’t get caught out this year. Portable chargers have really come on and you can pick up a decent one, which can charge your phone from dead up to 4 times for around £20 if you look in the right places. This will allow you to take all the photos and selfies you can manage without running out of juice.



If you’re going to Benicassim or another festival where you’re guaranteed sun then you can ignore this. However for everyone else staying in the UK, don’t leave it up to the weather Gods. It doesn’t matter how ‘on point’ your festival outfit is, if it rains you’re going to be in trouble. Poncho’s are available in pound shops and come in loads of colours. They weigh next to nothing, they’re reusable, cheap and actually work pretty well. Plus these guys look pretty cool, right?

Poncho Powerrangers

Poncho Power Rangers

A decent backpack

A good backpack can really make all the difference, especially if you’re at a festival like Glastonbury where you’re going to be lugging around your alcohol all weekend. A backpack with good strapping and padding will allow you to get stuck in all weekend without spending the entire of next week in pain and looking like a hunchback. Whilst a decent backpack might not be the most stylish, trust me you’ll thank us later.


Wet Wipes

These may sound an obvious choice but we’ve put them on the list as a final reminder as you do NOT want to forget these. Whether it’s cleaning a particularly vile long drop, removing make up or just general cleanliness these are an absolute must and likely to be your newest BFF for the weekend.


The numbers of everyone you’re with

This may sound an obvious one but one of the most beautiful things about festivals is it brings people together and new bonds will undoubtedly be forged. Secondly a lot of people take a festival phone to festivals as they don’t want to lose their smartphone. Make sure you’ve got all your mates’ numbers as someone is more than likely to get lost at some point during the weekend. No-one wants to spend the weekend alone so make sure it’s not you by getting everyone’s number early doors.


Festival Underwear (Boys – Sorry girls)

These are a thing, trust us. If you don’t believe us just google it. They’ve been designed to be light, breathable but also store all your valuables securely meaning you can just switch off and enjoy the show. There’s a few different types available on the market and appear be growing in popularity every year. Definitely worth checking out.


Gadget Insurance

The chances of you losing or breaking your phone/watch or iPad (yes we’ve seen people take iPad’s to festivals) during a festival is quite high. Protect yourself and your valuables with our gadget insurance here. Why take the chance – Take out a policy and have a stress free weekend knowing we’ve got your back

Enjoy, The PYB Marketing Team



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