Tablets are great Gadgets and there are a number of benefits of investing in one for all the family. If you have young children however, sharing one Tablet device between all your family needs may be difficult. As you know, children can be prone to small fights and an expensive Tablet is not going to sit too well between two siblings fighting for a chance to play.

Therefore investing in a Tablet device designed especially for children, with that extra durability means that you can keep hold of your nicer more expensive device and worry less about the squabbles. The Tablet Devices designed for children also come with options for parental guidelines, which means that you don’t have to worry about what your children are viewing or if they have access to accounts that could result in accidentally purchases. Complete with a range of built in apps designed for both fun and learning, a child friendly Tablet device can be a great investment.

If you are looking for a child friendly Tablet device this Christmas, then here is our guide to some of the best below.

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Some of the Best Tablet Devices for Children


Kurio 7S

  • Screen – 7 inches
  • Storage – 4GB (Expandable up to 32GB)
  • Price – £144.99


Kurio 7


The Kurio 7 is a great device for young children. The Kurio 7 has a recommended age of only 4+ and comes with dozens of pre-installed fun and also educational apps. It also has all the same abilities as more grown up tablets, including taking photos, watching videos and listening to music, but it comes complete with an outer shell for additional durability.

Kurio 7 comes with all kinds of parental controls as well as pre-approved, pre-loaded content for kids, so you can let your children play and remain worry free. The KurioGenious parental control allows parents to apply completely customizable 24/ 7 safe internet filtering and implement time and application management.  You can manage up to 8 profiles so it is easy to use this Tablet for personal use at any time if required. To find out more about the Kurio 7 series click here.

If you are looking for extra peace of mind then offers Tablet Insurance for the Kurio 7 from only £2.19 per month and covers it against accidental damage, liquid damage and more.


 Leap Frog From LeapPad

  • Screen – 5 inches
  • Storage – 4 GB of memory
  • Around £86.99


Leap Pad


The LeapPad 2 is a great and affordable Tablet for encouraging learning and development for your child. The award winning device looks just like a Tablet device but it has been specially designed with Kids in mind, complete with a tough outer frame and child friendly controls

The LeapFrog Pad interacts with your child and remembers progress from previous games so that learning keeps moving forward. You can connect online to see the progress of your Childs learning and even share artwork and achievements with family and friends. It comes with 11 custom apps for learning and fun and is accessible to the Leap Frog library which has over 225 pre-approved apps, games, e-books and more. To find out more about the Leap Frog Leap Pad click here.


VTech Innotab 3


  • Screen – 4.3 inches
  • Storage – 2 GB of memory
  • Price – Around £69.99




If your budget is a little smaller then the InnoTab 3 is a great starter Tablet for young children. It comes with 16 fun and educational apps for your child to interact with. This is the next generation of the Wi-Fi learning tablet and it comes with loads of age-appropriate games for fun and learning. When connected to Wi-fi there are loads of parent approved websites that can be accessed to expand fun and learning even further. The InnoTab 3S is a battery powered device but the rechargeable battery pack means that there is no need to keep buying replacement batteries.

This tablet is designed for 3 – 9 year olds, meaning that children can get busy a year earlier than with many tablet devices for children. To find out more about the InnoTab 3 click here.


Fuhu Nabi 2

  • Screen – 7 inches
  • Storage – 8GB (Expandable up to 32GB)
  • Around – £149.99


Fuhu Nabi


This is another great Tablet built specifically for children. It has a strong bumper to protect the device from falls and absorb shocks. It also has a task and reward system with an integrated learning system. Your child can also play music via music library and download pre-approved apps from the app store. Some other features loved by most parents include free cloud storage, wireless syncing and over-the-air updates. Nabi 2 is much superior to other tablets. You can also sync the Nabi nabi to other devices so that you can synchronize your photos, music and movies and transfer them to and from the Tablet device.

The  Fuhu Nabi 2 claims to be the fastest, most powerful tablet in the world, made for kids. It looks more grown up than some of the other tablets designed for children, so it is a good choice for slightly older children who may not be ready for an adult Tablet. To find out more about the Fuhu Nabi 2 click here

Even though all the mentioned Tablets are highly durable, accidents still happen at it can be a real shame if you have invested in Tablet device. Protect your bubble offers insurance on all Tablets from only £2.19 per month, so you can have some extra peace of mind. Plus, if you insure more than one gadget then you can save up to 15%, so you can insure all your family gadgets at once at an affordable price.



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