Plan your outfit Taking time to pick a strong festival outfit in the weeks that lead up to your festival of choice is always a must. However when considering your outfit its worth thinking about your valuables safety too. You don’t need to compromise your look at all however it’s worth considering items with zipped […]

1. Reds Hoverboard (£400) – This years must have gadget is definitely the Hoverboard. Despite the government recently reminding everyone they are illegal to use on public streets, interest in hoverboards doesn’t appear to be waning. However with a cost of around £400 the purchase of a hoverboard doesn’t come lightly. The brand you’ll see […]

  A-bom anti-fog goggles A-bom is a new company born out of a kickstarter project. The concept behind these new goggles seems like such a simple idea and it’s got the team at PYB wondering why no one has developed it before. These battery powered goggles promise to keep you fog free all day, […]