Apple iPhone SE launch  Last night (21st March) Apple launched its latest iPhone. Perhaps not the most exciting of phone launches from the tech giant in recent memory given that there is nothing particularly new about the SE however there are many positives surrounding the iPhone SE. For a start this is Apple’s cheapest ever […]

The IPhone 6S & 6S Plus – What we now know   Apple opened with the line ‘the only thing that’s changed is everything’ but in reality what’s changed is actually very little. This is often the way with the release of the ‘S’ version of the IPhone. The main talking point from the Apple […]

Forbes back in July reported that a leaked internal email from Vodaphone identified that the new IPhone would be available to pre-order from September 18th .This wouldn’t be the first time release dates have been “leaked” and then subsequently wrong but the date is consistent with Apple’s usual September launches. We’d imagine the official launch date […]