Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is upon us, and if you’re a fan of the scary, gory or downright terrifying, then you’ll more than likely enjoy the range of spooky apps out there at the minute. If you’re not sure of where to start with the multitude of chilling options available, we’ve collected a variety of them for a truly haunting Halloween.


With TV shows such as The Walking Dead being as popular as they are, zombie-themed apps are all the rage at the minute. For a more suspense-filled type of experience, Zombies, Run! is great for getting the adrenaline pumping, all the while improving your fitness. The exercise app allows you to immerse yourself in a zombie invasion story, while running at your own comfortable pace. The story unfolds including your own music, with the option to include fast-paced chases for a more intense workout. You can use it outdoors or in – there’s nothing like the threat of impending zombies to get you motivated for a run!

If you’re just looking to get into the spirit of Halloween without the rigorous exercise, with The Walking Dead Dead Yourself app, you can upload an image of yourself and watch as you transform from living, breathing human, to dead, festering zombie in a matter of seconds. You can even add props to the image for a more (un)life-like result.


For those that are fans of classic horror, iDrakula is sure to be a hit. Cleverly created, this app is a modern version of Bram Stoker’s original novel. Retold mostly through email, voicemail and text, the story is given an eerily familiar platform on which to tell the story of the mysterious Count. Although the app appears to only be available in the US at the minute, it’s certainly one to be aware of. It is available to buy as a book here in the UK though, for those who can’t wait to get stuck in.


For a more traditional Halloween-themed app, or for those who’d simply rather steer clear of the frightening festivities, try out Pumpkin Carver Plus. With the app, you can still get creative with lots of different pumpkin designs and ideas, without having to worry about cleaning up any remaining orange innards afterwards. The app is also handy if you have young children who’d like to have a go at it too.


Now, this app certainly is not one for the faint-hearted. True Ghost Stories From Around The World provides a collection of haunting tales from all over the globe. You can submit your own chilling anecdotes, as well as get well and truly freaked-out by the photos, videos and whole library of ghoulish goings-on. Ideal for grown-up Halloween parties, you’re sure to be gripped with fear after hearing these turbulent tales!

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