Fitbark – This admittedly requires a purchase but is one well worth making. Fitbark is essentially a Fitbit for dogs. A wireless tracker attaches to your dog’s collar and will track your dog’s heart rate, sleep patterns and how much exercise it’s had in a day and whether it needs more. Through the app you’ll be able to get a greater understanding of your dog’s mood, catch any illnesses or injuries before they really develop as well as see how your dog is doing in comparison with similar dogs. The tracker is available for $70 at the time of writing and offers worldwide shipping.

BringFido – This free app is great for anyone who likes to holiday with their furry friend! BringFido provides you with a list of pet friendly hotels worldwide and even allows you to book your stay through the app. As well as featuring hotels the app also provides loads of information in the local area covering everything from pet friendly attractions to groomers, to the best local parks through to dog sitters.

MapMyDogWalk – This App does exactly what it says on the tin and tracks your dog walk. The app which is based off the popular MapMyRide & MapMyRun provides you with details of your walk. Key features include how far you’ve gone in distance, where you’ve walked and how long it’s taken you. The app also provides you with weather updates and the ability to control your music. Keep your dog healthy as well as yourself at the same time.

Pet Coach – Pet coach is a great free App for anyone but particularly those who are new to owning a pet. The app allows you to chat to vets and trainers both locally and worldwide who are able to help you with any queries that you might have. The app features the ability to send photos of your pet or injuries to local vets who might be able to provide you with lifesaving inflation in the event of an emergency.

iKibble – With this App you can check whether your human treat is good for your dog or not. Perhaps something has fallen on the floor and your dog has snaffled it before you’ve had a chance to grab it. Ikibble provides you with peace of mind that your dog is not in any danger. Free with Adverts.

Pet First Aid App – Red Cross – This App from the Red Cross provides you with vital information should your dog have an accident or injure themselves. The app provides vetenary advice for everyday emergencies. Featuring videos, tutorials and walkthroughs this is the App you hope you never need but will be relieved that you do if something happens. 

Dog Translator – Now we can’t vouch for the accuracy nor the reliability of this App but nevertheless it’s a bit of fun! Have you ever wondered what your dog is saying when he barks or what mood he’s in? With Dog translator you can record your dog or dogs barking and upload it to the app which in turn will analyse and tell you what your dog is saying

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