Each year in Las Vegas, NV, USA, the Consumer Electronics Show reveals some of the top gadgets for the upcoming year. With so many announcements and reveals, it can be hard to keep up with all of the new smartphones, tablets, televisions, and more hitting the market in 2013. This year, Samsung has stolen the show at CES 2013 with innovative gadget releases including the latest in smartphones, televisions, cameras, and more.

Flexible display technology

Perhaps one of the biggest announcements made by the South Korean tech giant was that of “Youm”, a new flexible display. Jonathan Skillings from CNET points out some of the possibilities that could come from such innovation: “Imagine a tablet that folds like a bifold wallet. Another one breaks out a tablet that rolls out from something the size of a handheld voice recorder.”

New Samsung TV’s steal the show

Samsung released several new TV models and ideas at CES 2013, showing off split screen web surfing while you channel surf, a television with a quad-core processor, and a new 85″ TV with a floating design. The reveals included the following updates:

  • Using glasses not unlike 3D technology, users can watch two different shows on a full screen at the same time making viewing easier for couples with varying tastes in programming.
  • A Smart TV interface that allows users to swipe through 5 different options, from TV shows and On-Demand Programming to TV Apps, Skype, and more.
  • The new UN85S9 4K 85-inch television features a floating design that allows you to alter the angle of your screen as well as move it up and down to optimise your viewing experience. The TV, according to TechnoBuffalo, will also feature a “1.35Ghz quad-core A15 processor, have 4 HDMI inputs, optical audio, Smart Hub, S-Recommendation and voice control.”
  •  The F8000 LED TV will feature screen sizes up to 75 inches while still working to take up less space. The TV will showcase a thinner profile and will appear to float in midair thanks to a bezel measuring under 0.25-inches. With a quad-core processor, voice command that can understand full-length sentences (and can even reply back), and the new Smart Hub interface, the f8000 will outshine 2012 models with new features and nearly three times the speed.

Smart cameras take photographers further beyond point-and-click

Samsung unveiled an entirely new family of smart cameras at CES 2013 including cameras for varying tastes, from mini models to advanced long-zoom options. Six new cameras will include features such as touch-screen technology, a camera designed with “selfies” (or photographs that you take of yourself) in mind with a front facing LCD screen, up to 18x optical zoom, and more. In the reveal Samsung also announced an App that will be available for Android and iOS users to help you seamlessly connect your smartphone and your new camera.

Protecting your new devices

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Want to see more from Samsung at CES 2013? TechnoBuffalo offers a keynote recap:

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