Are You Looking For a New Bicycle?

If you are looking for a new bicycle, I have compiled 5 bikes that I think are great options to consider. Which one of these bicycles is the right one for you?

Top 5 Bicycles Reviewed

1. The Bura SL

the-bura-sl bike

If you’re looking for a fantastic road touring bike, the Bura SL is going to be a fantastic investment for you. The mechanical frame comes in around £2,300, while an electronic version retails for around £3,800. Designed to have a ride that’s damped at the back end, with hardware this bike weighs in at a nice 785 grams. It’s got a nice, stiff head tube as well, allowing for a very well balanced ride whenever you want to take to the streets.

2. Fuji Altamira SL

fuji-altamira bike

Are you looking for an extremely lightweight bike to take to work every day? A heavy bicycle can fatigue you more than you can ever imagine, which is why the Fuji Altamira SL is a great investment for some. Made from Fuji’s C15 carbon fiber, there’s actually less material in this bike than in most others in the same class, giving it a lighter ride. A new compaction molding process also makes the tubing for the Altamira stronger than ever before, giving it incredible durability. This will let you take even the longest of rides and still feel comfortable in the saddle! Imagine having a reduced level of stiffness and fatigue when you get home from a long ride – that’s what you get with this Fuji! This is a top end bike and comes with a price tag of £4,000

3. Trek 4300 XC Hardtail

trek-4300-xc-hardtail bike

A bicycle that is good on the road is likely not going to be very good off the road. The same rule generally applies for off-road bikes, but that’s not the case for the Trek 4300 XC Hardtail. Granted the bicycle is built to teach bicyclists how to manage a mountain trail, but this mountain bike does a good job on the city streets as well. Trek bikes do struggle with front fork issues, which can be a turnoff for the serious rider, but considering you can pick up a quality version of this bicycle for less than £400, the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

4. KHS Flight 450

khs-flite-450 bike

If your daily ride has some hills in it, then you’ll want to take a look at the KHS Flight 450. Built on a fairly flexible frame, it has lower gear ratios that making climbing up even tough hills something that is fun and easy to do. It’s also a very comfortable bike and built in such a way that you don’t get uncomfortable on the seat like you can on other bikes. Though the bike can sometimes understeer when coming down a hill because of the flexibility of the frame, it is an affordable bike at£627

5. Kestrel Talon

kestrel-talon bike

The Kestrel Talon is one of the first bikes ever designed for both competition and daily road use. If your roads are flat and you don’t have many hills to climb, then this is the perfect bike for you. It’s got the best aerodynamics of any bicycle out there and it corners very well. It’s very steady, inspires confidence, and it looks pretty fantastic too! If you’re an avid rider, beware that there is a known historical issue of micro-cracking inside the seat tube with the Talon that is supposed to be resolved in the newer models. It is covered with a lifetime warranty, so even if you do encounter the issue, there shouldn’t be an issue to resolve it. Overall, a fantastic value at £1,000.

Protect Your Investments with Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle Insurance

There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to protect their investment in a bicycle, including theft and accidental damage. Bicycle insurance does much more than that, however. You can get funds that can help you get home in case of a breakdown, coverage against vandalism, and so much more! You’d put insurance on a new car… why not put bicycle insurance on a new bicycle? That way, even if the unthinkable happens, you can rest assured that you are covered.

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