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1. @GeraintThomas86 @PYB_Bike Hi Geraint, How does the training for TdF goes? I think I saw you today on the way up to Castilion in France??

1. @selindhj yes that was me up there. Training has been going well thanks. I feel recovered from Tour de Swiss and looking forward to racing


2. @PYB_Bike do you anticipate becoming the next GC rider for team sky? And if so when do you anticipate challenging for the tdf #askGeraintT

2. @RichardHudson91 it’s something I’d love to do. Will have to see how the next year or so goes. I’m targeting the week long races for now


3. @PYB_Bike #askGeraintT what do you miss about Wales when you are away??

3.@Minspie73 Welshcakes! My mates and the roads are also nice to ride your bike!


4. @PYB_Bike Why is bike racing & touring yet to be a popular sport in Asia? Too many challenges in the market? #askGeraintT #IBlameFootball

4. @the_roaming_jo I’ve no idea, but it’s growing all the time, hopefully it won’t be too long until it’s big in Asia also


5.@PYB_Bike #askgeriantT did you watch any of Glastonbury? If so who was your favourite act?

5.@mlloyd29 no I didn’t as I wasn’t in the uk. I liked it when Jay Z headlined a few years ago though 🙂


6.@PYB_Bike this is your 6th #TDF, still get jittery before the Grand Départ? How do you cope with that nerve-racking 1st week? #askgeraintt

6.@EvaMarisa yes you still get nervous but its more excitement! You just have to attack the 1st week and not fear it


7. @PYB_Bike #askgeraintT what’s your favourite past time when your not training/racing?? 🙂

7.@howsey27 anything that doesn’t involve much effort! DVDs, going out for food etc


8. @PYB_bike what’s your favourite place to go ride when you get the chance? #AskGeraintT

8.@mitch792 Italy is great for riding your bike! It has everything, good weather, terrain and coffee


9.@PYB_bike what kind of diet are you on whilst training? #AskGeraintT

9. @mitch792 we just don’t eat a lot basically. Loads of fruit, veg and fish


10. @PYB_Bike Given your form this year do you see yourself winning a stage or are you going to remain a domestique for entire TDF? #askGeraintT

10. @BenLarwood1 my job is to help Froomey, so it’s all for him. If there is an opportunity though I’d love to take it


11. @PYB_Bike if you could spend a day in a sprinters shoes in a GT, who would it be and who would you pick as your leadout man? #askgeraintT

11. @EvaMarisa Cav as I’d have a great chance of winning. Renshaw knows him to a tea so I won’t mess about with a winning formula


12. @GeraintThomas86 @PYB_Bike #AskGeraintT Are there any stages of this yrs Tour that you’re really forward to & why ?

12. @MaveEvans Paris! It’s always the most enjoyable 🙂


13. @GeraintThomas86 @PYB_Bike #askGeraintT What is the stage you are going to fear the most? – if you fear any! Have a Brilliant Tour and Go G

13. @SkyFanJersey the first week is the most stressful for the team, I wouldn’t say I fear it. Any bad day in the mountains is torture


14. @GeraintThomas86 @PYB_Bike #askGeraintT How do you feel few days before the start of your 6th @letour ?

14. @TeamSkyLove excited and raring to go!


15.@PYB_Bike @GeraintThomas86 #AskGeraintT Are you nervous heading into the Tour, especially with the tough first week?

15.@killianmchale you always have nerves but I can’t wait to get racing now. The first week will be great to watch I’m sure


16.@PYB_Bike @GeraintThomas86 will Wales get out of their pool at the rugby World Cup? #AskGeraintT

16. @IssyRonald99 of course!! We’ll win the thing


17.@PYB_Bike @GeraintThomas86 are Sportives a good idea in Wales given the recent actions of a minority opposed to them?

17.@metanome they are great! Just a shame a few idiots spoil it for everyone


18.@PYB_Bike #AskGeraintT Did you watch the Nationals? Tough race!

18.@see75 I didn’t as I was on a recon with Froomey and the guys. But followed the final 15km or so on twitter #smashfeshasusual


19.@PYB_Bike #AskGeraintT what is your favourite memory of @MaindyFlyersYCC

19.@HC214 @MaindyFlyersYCC so many! Our trips away were great!


20.@PYB_Bike what’s your most favourite city in the world? And why? #AskGeraintT

20.@samueljackharg New York was awesome, but Cape Town has so much to do, great weather and you can take your bike


21. @PYB_Bike @josephryanspeck: I want to go pro continental. What is one thing you would say could help me the most? #AskGeraintT

21.@josephryanspeck train well but resting is just as important. #planyourrest


22.@PYB_Bike Where is your favourite place to cycle in Wales? #askGeraintT

22..@Si_Harris_ around Usk is beautiful and quiet


23.@PYB_Bike What’s your favourite food when your not training? #askGeraintT

23.@Si_Harris_ anything I don’t usually eat, pizzas, burgers, but favourite is lamb Sunday roast #welshlamb


24.@PYB_Bike #askGeraintT what do you recommend to stop saddle sores?

24.@simon_tempest a good saddle, chamois and chamois cream. That’s about all you can do


25. @PYB_Bike #askGeraintT what’s the best off bike exercise to prepare for hills?

25.@simon_tempest walk past McDonalds into a salad bar…


26. How does it feel to be one of two Welshmen in this year’s tour? Never happened before!

26. @see75 it’s great! Me and Luke grew up racing around maindy as 11 year olds, so it’s pretty surreal


27.. @PYB_Bike are you superstitious? Do you have a pre-race routine? #askGeraintT

27.@David_Beveridge not real superstitious, but I always have a little stretch before a TT. Or pin my numbers on, on the way to the start


28.@PYB_Bike what’s your favourite bike u have ever ridden? #askGeraintT

28.@Si_Harris_ my  Pinarello F8


29.@PYB_Bike @GeraintThomas86 what is your ideal weight going in to a grand tour #AskGeraintT

29.@jwiltshire5 I’ve been slowly been getting lighter each year, after leaving the track, at the moment I’m around 68/69


30.@PYB_Bike if you could win any race which would it be #AskGeraintT good luck G go smash it

30.@jwiltshire5 the Tour #everytime


31.@PYB_Bike have you ever made the mistake I just made and got ‘road rash’ from falling down the stairs in your cycling shoes? #AskGeraintT

31.@Robbie_Crosse no I haven’t, invest in some carpet 😉


32.@PYB_Bike did I see you at Nice airport departures today?! #askgeraintT

32.@MajComm_Tim yes, I was dropping off @SaraEls90


33.@PYB_Bike you always seem so calm and collected on the bike. What peloton antics can make you loose your temper? @askgeraintT

33.@EvaMarisa big risk takers that are dangerous!


34.@PYB_Bike #AskGeraintT if I can’t afford a power meter is a heart rate monitor worth training with?

34.@josephryanspeck yes it’s all good information to have. Saying that I haven’t used one for a few years…


35. @PYB_Bike #AskGeraintT Will you be sharing a room with Luke Rowe? Who has the worst habit?

35.@see75 I don’t know yet, but the worst habits are roommates that hog the toilet for longer than necessary


36.@GeraintThomas86 @PYB_Bike @letour What is your favorite stage of the TDF 2015??

36.@marie_cyclo the last! But Alp d’huez will also be amazing, the race could all be down to this climb


37.@PYB_Bike #AskGeraintT is there any shame in riding flats, I can’t master cleets at all, Size 3 feet and skinny ankles. I don’t feel safe.

37.@belgianhare no shame but proper shoes and cleats, make it a lot easier! Worth mastering. Practice somewhere quiet and maybe on grass 🙂


38.@PYB_Bike you ever fancy a go at the longest hour #AskGeraintT

38.@jwiltshire5 it would be great to have a go, but I’d have to commit to it properly like Dowsett and Brad, which I can’t at the moment


39.@PYB_Bike what shall we expect from your new book? I personally can’t wait. Will you be doing signings? #AskGeraintT

39.@jwiltshire5 yes signings will be announced soon. Can’t wait for it to come out, hope you’ll like it!


40.@PYB_Bike @GeraintThomas86 What is the most difficult week of the Tour de France? Why?? ##askGeraintT

40.@marie_cyclo 1st is most stressful. Last the toughest as you are the most tired. Especially this year with all the mountains


41.@PYB_Bike Where do you keep your favourite jerseys? #AskGeraintT

41.@see75 I have a drawer in Cardiff full of jerseys I’ve won, world champs etc.


42.@PYB_Bike @GeraintThomas86 What will be your main role during the Tour de France??? #askGeraintT

42.@marie_cyclo hopefully helping Froomey further into mountain stages than before. Also in the first week.


43.@PYB_Bike #AskGeraintT Will you ever get @SaraEls90 back on a tandem?!

43.@see75 @SaraEls90 I very much doubt it! That’s because I don’t want to go through it again 🙂 #torture


44.@PYB_Bike @GeraintThomas86 Think you finish in the top 10 of the TDF?? It’s your dream?:) Because you are a great cyclist! 🙂 #askGeraintT

44.@marie_cyclo I doubt it with all the work we will be doing for Froomey. As long as he wins I’m happy!


That’s all we have time for today! Huge thanks to @GeraintThomas86 and on behalf of everyone at #PYB all the best in the tour G #AskGeraintT


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