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PYB by Assurant Inc

Protect Your Bubble logo

You may have notice our logo has changed, we want to highlight and are proud of the fact that we are part of Assurant.

Who are Assurant? Assurant is an insurance group that provides specialty insurance to people in the UK, US and Globally. Both Protect Your Bubble and Assurant, Inc share the same ethos of aiming to deliver the best possible services and insurance products whilst also taking the stress & pain out of insuring the things that matter most to you.

Assurant Group is a Fortune 500 company that is traded as AIZ on the New York stock exchange. It’s also recognised by the Ward 50 which is a prestigious list made up of the best property-casualty insurance companies in the USA. Assurant can trace its roots back to 1892 and was initially established to sell disability insurance in Wisconsin. Over time the company has evolved and now offer insurance cover on anything from travel to gadget insurance.

Does this have any effect on my policy? No not at all, Protect Your Bubble UK is an independent trading name operating under the umbrella group that is Assurant. Your policy is still provided by Protect Your Bubble UK. 



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