fireworks on Guy Fawkes night

"Remember, remember, the 5th of November..." photo via Flickr.

If you have big plans for Guy Fawkes Night, whether they involve the history of the holiday or just enjoying a nice bonfire or fireworks, Protect your bubble would like to wish you a wonderful and safe evening. As our insurance and cover helps you protect the things that matter to you, from your bicycle and smartphone to your pets, car, and home, we also want to help you have a safe holiday evening. Here are a few tips to ensure that you can enjoy Bonfire Night safely while having as much fun as possible:

  • Rather than host your own bonfire or go to an event at a friend’s home, go to one of larger, public events. This helps cut down on the number of fires going on during the evening helping authorities have fewer calls to answer so that they can better focus their resources. According to Metro News, “The London Fire Brigade said it was called to a fire every ten minutes on November 5 last year, even though it represented the quietest Guy Fawkes night on record;” without as many calls, resources can be better used.
  • If you do hold your own bonfire, take the necessary precautions. Check the local weather for wind advisories and more, and be sure to have an emergency kit handy should the fire start to go beyond what you feel comfortable handling. Make sure that the fire itself is far enough away (18 ft at least) from homes, sheds, foliage, and fences.
  • If your family is at event, set a designated place to meet or a time to call if you happen to get separated. Don’t forget the fur-covered members of your family, either. Keep pets inside and give them a warm, soft, comforting corner to curl up in as the loud noise of fireworks can be stressful for them.
  • With fireworks, be sure to light them from a safe distance and to always secure them properly before lighting. Stay back from them once they are lit. Never point a lit firework at another person or structure to avoid burns or fire.
  • After hosting a bonfire, be sure that all areas in which there was fire have been extinguished; if you set off fireworks, find the debris from each firework and ensure that it is not smoldering.
  • Again, we hope you have a fun and safe evening! If you attend a great bonfire or fireworks event, be sure to tell us about it in a comment!

    Photo via Flickr


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