Just when they seemed to have lost grip in the smartphone market, Sony is back with a bang! Introducing the latest addition to the Xperia line of smartphones, the 5-inch Sony Xperia Z. As a specialist insurer of mobile phones, we at Protect your bubble naturally take an interest on what each new Smartphone has to offer. As for the Sony Xperia Z, we take a look at its features, specification, design and display capabilities.

Sony Xperia Z Review

Sony Xperia Z

Features and Specification

Theoretically, the Xperia Z gives the likes of iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3 a run for their money. The phone runs on version 4.1.2 of Google’s android OS, the Jelly Bean. There is a 4.2 update in the offing as well. The Z combines several previously available features and many new ones like the IP57 waterproof coating.

It boasts of a zippy CPU with 16GB of internal memory and 2GB of RAM. It also comes with a 1.5Ghz quad-core dual Qualcomm processor. Not many devices can match up to this. Photo enthusiasts will find the 13.1- mega pixel rear camera amazing. Its enhanced battery life is also set to be a hit, packing a 2330m Ah Lithium-Ion battery. All these, coupled with integrated NFC connectivity options give the Z an edge over other phones currently in the market. Its official unveiling was done at CES 2013 before being launched late February.

Its1080p full HD screen of the is one of its greatest features. Users need not worry about scratches as the screen is scratch resistant. It has a 10 finger multi-touch compatibility and an inbuilt light sensor. All this resting on a 7.9mm thick body. The screen is one of the major selling points of this handset. Its expansiveness coupled with its bright and vibrant nature offer pin sharp details of images and an awesome video playback experience.


Sony deserves a pat on the back for the work put into the Z. Few phones can rival its visual appeal. The 5- inch screen is encased in a classic narrow bezelled design that has quality written all over it! It comes in three colours. For those going for a bold look, there is black, for those looking for sophistication, it comes in white and for the laid back consumer, there is a cool purple! The finishing done on this phone is spectacular, resembling that of others such as the Google Nexus . It has a rubber edging that protects it from damage in case it drops, at the same time adding to it a touch of class.

Upon using the Z however, its first flaw is quickly revealed. Keeping the screen clean is quite a task. It retains greasy fingerprints and unappealing grime marks after short usage. The large screen further exaggerates this mess. Persons who like their screens sparkling will have a hard time with the Z. A few minutes of using the phone will also reveal that it slides easily. This is mainly due to its glass- backed design. The only mitigating factor for this is the rubberised edging which may not be adequate protection.

The most single unique feature of the Z is its waterproof capabilities. IP57 certification suggests that the handset can stay in up to 1metre of water for half an hour without damage. True to Sony’s word, the Z has passed this test having been run under a tap, used to make a call while taking a shower and even having been dipped into a washing bowl. There are no doubts about its waterproof capabilities. All its ports have protective caps which keep out the water. The phone also alerts the user in the event that any of the ports are left open.

Contrary to what many may expect, the phone’s size is by no means overpowering and can easily be gasped on either hand. The button placement on the Z however, could have been better. The only two physical controls, a volume rocker and the sleep button are both the right hand side of the device making it easy for them to be accidently toggled.

Display Screen

The 5- inch TFT capacitative touchscreen has 10 finger multi-touch capabilities and an image density of 441 pixels per inch image which means great clarity. It has a 16million color contrast ratio and a 1920 X 1080p resolution for great HD video playback. Screen transition is quite smooth and hustle free. The screen display is also very natural. There are a few issues such as muting colours and dulling brightness, when viewing angles are extreme, but this does not affect the device much.

The screen has a protective scratch resistant coating protecting it against all manner of scratches and a light sensor that helps to adjust brightness in line with the surrounding. Gaming and watching movies is great on the Z thanks to its video HD capabilities. A minor setback with this impressive screen is the manner in which it reduces battery life.

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