With all of the noise and gossip surrounding Apple iPhone handsets and the next moves coming from Samsung with their Galaxy range, it may be very easy to miss latest releases in the Smartphone market that are not by either Apple or Samsung. A recent one for instance is the Motorola Razr HD. As a specialist and award winning mobile phone insurer in the UK, we at Protect your bubble keep up to date with all new releases. This post will cover features and specifications of the Motorola Razr HD.

Motorola Razr HD Review

Motorola Razr HD

Motorola designers breathed new life in to the mobile phones market when they came up with the unique Motorola Razr HD. A new design coupled with amazing functionalities has made this phone dear to both Motorola fans and other users as well. Starting from its cover, Motorola decided to use Kevlar which is a material used to make bullet proof vests on the rear of the phone. This is an added advantage since the material is tough and does not impede wireless signals.

In order to make it easier to handle, the Kevlar cover has a rubberised finish. An embedded jagged chevron pattern is strategically positioned to help the Motorola Razr HD appear different from other phones with similar designs. Its look is further improved by a grey stylish metal band that circles the edge of the handset. The corners have also been cut away slightly to bring in more aggressive air hence a premium feel.

The Motorola Company bases its phone designs on simplicity, efficiency and reliability. In making the Motorola Razr HD, the philosophy was not different. Weighing 145 grams only and 9 mm in thickness, the smartphone is easily portable and can easily slip in to your jeans pocket. This compact size is also comfortable to hold when receiving and making calls unlike other smartphones that sport bigger designs. Although not fully waterproof, this phone is top notch and its splash proof capability is not badly off.

Regarding its controls, the traditional Motorola power lock button has been shifted to the far right just above the volume rocker switch. This makes it easier to access and also helps the phone look slightly different from the previous models in the Razr series. All these buttons are made from metal hence durable and an additional roughened texture at the top of the power button will help you differentiate it from the volume button. This means that you do not have actually look at it first before pressing the power or volume button rather you only need to feel it with your finger.

Motorola decided to settle on a sealed design for the Razr HD hence the battery can not be removed. This is not a disadvantage since the battery is made using the latest technology that makes it long lasting and energy conservative. Its microSD and SIM card slot are positioned next to each other and hidden in a cover that has to be released using a pinhole. A micro HDMI port lies beneath the microSD port hence you can easily connect your device directly to any HDTV without using an MHL Motorola HD Razr HD screen.

The Motorola Razr HD comes fitted with an OLED screen that utilises modern display technology to ensure crystal clear pictures and a lively interface. It has a fairly large screen that has a 4.7 inch display area and a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. Although Motorola may not boast of having the highest resolution here since some phones offer up to 1080p, it is still capable of displaying high quality graphic displays. One thing you will notice about this phone the moment you lay your hands on it is its bright and lovely display. Videos look impressive on this phone since its black levels are cavernously deep while other colours are bold and accurate although not as you would have expected it to be.

The screen is made entirely of Gorilla Glass that has a smooth and lovely finish which helps retain the Motorola Razr HD’s beauty. When it trickles down to performance, its response is quick and fluid even with a number of applications running concurrently. In performance, the Razr HD may not boast of the best available specifications but its dual core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm CPU performs more than you would have expected it in terms of fast image and video relay. Combined with a 1GB memory, you will have one of the best smartphone devices in your hand. Its 8MP camera takes high definition pictures that can be viewed in full natural colors on its AMOLED display.

The 4G enabled Motorola Razr HD is set to launch in the UK running on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and promises to take the smart phone market by storm. If you prefer high quality displays coupled with a high definition camera, then the Motorola Razr HD is all you need

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