Introducing MyBubble

At Protect your bubble we work to find the best ways to help you protect the things you care about, from your holiday, to your home, to your mobile. In addition to providing great cover we also want to make protecting your things an easy process. To help customers like yourself  have a stress-free, easy experience when managing their policy online, we’ve developed MyBubble.

MyBubble is Protect your bubble’s fantastic new online portal for policy holders. Currently, the portal is available to Gadget Insurance policy holders who purchased a policy after 3rd March 2011 and Bicycle Insurance policy holders. With MyBubble, policy holders can manage their policy online easily with the ability to change personal details, submit a claim online, and track a claim online. We’re hoping to expand these offerings soon.

If you have a bicycle policy with us or a gadget policy (bought after 3rd May 2011) and would like to get started with MyBubble, simply register your account. Be sure to use the exact details you used to originally buy your policy; after you’ve registered you can update them if necessary.

Celebrating a successful launch in office

In the office the Protect your bubble team works to answer your questions, improve our website, and expand on our products to help you protect more of the things you love. The creation of MyBubble took a lot of time, teamwork, and effort, so when we were finally able to share our surprise with you, we were ecstatic. We got to celebrate for a few minutes with our very own Bubble and Squeak cake, made by one of Protect your bubble’s very own:


Squeek and Bubble celebrate MyBubble with a birthday cake

Bubble Squeak made an appearance at the office on our very own celebration cake for MyBubble.

Though we can’t send you a piece, we did want to share a photo, as we know a lot of work into the decoration.

Have you had a chance to use MyBubble? What did you think? Tell us your thoughts in a comment.

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