Our new Family Gadget Television adverts aired this Christmas Eve and we are incredibly excited to see John McEnroe in action.

The father of six was a great choice for us to help promote our Family Gadget Insurance. Despite saying his kids would describe him as a bit of a ‘dinosaur’ when it comes to staying up to date with the latest technology; John admits he would find it pretty hard to live without his Blackberry and confessed to “dropping his share of phones”.

Lucy from Rhizome interviewed John oh behalf of Protect Your Bubble during the filming of our Television adverts and found out that given the choice between rescuing his tennis racket or his mobile phone from a sinking ship, it would have to be the phone! Our full interview with John is below.

TV ad

In our new advert John helps up to demonstrate family life and how every day occurrences can result in gadgets getting damaged, leaving a huge inconvenience if you don’t have the right kind of Gadget Insurance.

Our Family Gadget Insurance is designed to make insuring all of your family’s gadgets quick and easy and at a great price so that you know you are covered if anything should happen to them.

Full interview with John McEnroe:


Lucy: Would you class yourself as enthusiastic about new technology or a technophobe who fears or dislikes new technology?

John McEnroe: “I have an appreciation for technological advances.  However, I am still somewhat “old school” when it comes to technology and social media participation.  Although I do enjoy some of the benefits”

Lucy: How would your own kids describe your attitude to technology?

John McEnroe: “They would probably say I have a lot to learn and I am like a dinosaur when it comes to staying up with the latest technology.”

Lucy: Since you won your last Wimbledon title in 1984 the world has changed significantly. From mobile phones to the internet to the emergence of social media – we live in a more connected and technological world. Which invention stands out for you in influencing the way we live/interact with the world?

John McEnroe: “Probably mobile phones since I travel the world and can really appreciate with email and phone service how easy it is now to stay in touch with anyone in the world from anywhere in the world.”

Lucy: What gadget could you not live without and why? Are you glued to your mobile phone?

John McEnroe: “Yes, definitely my Blackberry/Mobile Phone since I like to keep in touch with my family at all times.”

Lucy: What gadgets do you have on you right now?   

John McEnroe: A Blackberry and an I-Pad

Lucy: People can remember the first car they bought – can you remember the first phone you bought and when? Do you still have it?

John McEnroe: “NO and NO”

Lucy: Do you text? Do you predictive text… my parents struggle with it. How are you? Any accidentally funny messages?

John McEnroe: “I do text but not all that often.  When I do, I don’t get all caught up in spelling or grammar; I just want to get a text message through as soon as possible. “

Lucy: Have you had any gadget mishaps eg. broken, stolen or lost phones? If so how?

John McEnroe: “I drop my share of phones!”

Lucy: Have your children ever lost a phone / other gadget? If so how?

John McEnroe: “More than I care to think about.”

Lucy: Have your children every broken a phone / other gadget? If so how?

John McEnroe: “Yes, but not necessarily on purpose!”

Lucy: What’s your view on Twitter and Facebook?

John McEnroe: “Who are they?  Just kidding, I don’t Facebook and I don’t Tweet. “

Lucy: What’s the ringtone on your phone?

John McEnroe: “It varies according from the boring to the sublime….my favourite ring tone is ‘Goodbye to You’ by my wife, Patty Smyth.”

Lucy: If you were on a sinking ship and you could only save your mobile phone or your tennis racket, which would you save?

John McEnroe: “I have two hands so I would save them both!  But if I could only save one, I would save my phone since I don’t have any problem getting more tennis rackets.”


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