Everyone is talking about Apple this month, but the new iPhone isn’t the only piece of tech due to launch this side of 2013. Games consoles just don’t seem to get the column inches they deserve anymore, perhaps because they are kept behind closed doors while everyone flaunts their Smartphones. Put the desire for portability aside however and there is no doubt that games consoles are still great gadgets, Protect your bubble should know, we insure them.

With the Playstation 4 due for release in Europe on 29th November this year, it is clear there is still a great market for non portable gaming. The latest edition of Grand Theft Auto hits the shops this week proving that some games as well as consoles have stood the test of time.

With this in mind, I take a look at where it all started and pay homage to some of the original and best Playstation games. Forget Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga for a moment, if you’ve been on the planet for more than 20 years  then grab a cuppa and enjoy the nostalgia as I take a look at my Top 5 Playstation games of the 90s.

Playstation 90s

5. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (1999)


Skateboarding was big in the 90s, and if MICs Frances Boulle is anything to go by, it’s apparently still a cool sport. However, it wasn’t just the physical sport that was so popular; Skateboard games were a great way to kill some time and maybe some brain cells along the way. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was by far one of the best and put you in the shoes (or more accurately the DCs) of  the pro Skateboarder, allowing you to perform tricks and combos with your thumbs and forefinger that the majority of skaters could never perform with their feet. Combined with a cool on-trend soundtrack that is still as popular as ever, this was a multi level game that I personally remember simply not wanting to put down.


4. Silent Hill (1999)


Any game that went on to be adapted into not one but two Cinema horror films can’t have been all that bad. The original concept for the blockbusters was based on the 1999 Playstation survival game which could send chills down any teenagers back.  Those of you who ever hid under your covers after playing this spooky game will remember using controls to try and guide the game player Harry Mason around the fictional towns of Silent Hill as he searched for his adopted daughter and fought for his own survival. This game used the traditional Third person view, sometimes switching to other camera angles in pre-determined areas for dramatic effect. Harry works his way through Silent Hill fighting monsters with firearms and alternative weapons. Harry unlike some characters is pretty ordinary and therefore couldn’t sustain many blows, meaning that players had to keep a close eye on his health levels by checking a separate menu. It may be a pretty dated game in this day and age but the town was one of the most terrifying town of the 90s. The Fog and the cracking radio noise still send shivers down my spine.


3. Tomb raider (1996)


One of the most popular Playstation games of the 90s, Tomb Raider no doubt added to the initial success of the Playstation console. This was another Game that was adapted into a film for the big screen, where players were tasked with guiding the iconic character Lara Croft around an exhilarating action adventure game. Introducing a refreshingly tough and beautiful kick-ass character, Lara Croft, this game was a huge hit for boys (and girls) everywhere. Putting Lara’s questionable dexterity into your own control, you could leap, roll, climb walls and pretty much defy gravity with her gymnast skills. Those who played will remember travelling through the ancient tombs in search of an accent artifact and battling a number of enemies, solving problems along the way. The hidden rooms and secret treasures added an additional thrill to the game and made sure that it was one to waste away the hours of many a childhood.


2. Crash Bandicoot (1996)


Gaming has evolved significantly since the launch of Crash Bandicoot for the Playstation in 1996, but this one still remains one of my personal favourites. Having a bit of a less sinister feel that some of the action games on the market, this game involved you guiding Crash Bandicoot around various levels of Wumpa island smashing boxes of fruit along the way but watching out of exploding TNT. The ultimate goal was to defeat the mad scientist Doctor Neo Cortex, who after creating Crash, has decided to aim to get rid of him once and for all. The Crash Bandicoot game has seen developments since it’s creation, and has EVEN been rumored for a relaunch on the PS4, but it was the original game that I remember best. The simple aim, like many games of the 90s was to guide Crash from start to finish of each level avoiding all pitfalls and using any available items along the way. Simple gaming at it’s very best.


1) Grand Theft Auto (1997)


Grand Theft Auto V was one of the most hugely anticipated game launches of 2013, proving once and for all that GTA was and still is one of the most iconic Playstation games of all time. For those of you that started gaming in the 90s, you will remember that it all started on the original Playstation. Grand Theft Auto was by far one of the most popular anti hero games of the 90s, famed for it’s enviable graphics,  awesome soundtrack and sheer size.  Forget steering good guys around and fighting bad guys in a bid to save a Princess from a Castle or the world as we know it; Grand Theft Auto  is all about putting yourself in the bad guys shoes, running from the police as you cause criminal mayhem on the streets.  The game understandably has faced criticism, but arguably the cathartic affect of the game allowed regular crime avoiding teenagers to play the bad guy without ever actually being the bad guy! The Grand Theft Auto series has achieved sales of 135 million copies since it was released in 1997, making it impossible to beat in the Top Games list.

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