The Festival season is upon us with Glastonbury  kicking off this week. Muddy fields,  tents and gadgets aren’t exactly matches made in heaven however.

But if like many of us the thought of getting through a weekend festival without your iPhone or camera fills you with dread, then fear not as there are precautions you can take to protect your tech.

Glastonbury Festival

How to keep your Gadgets safe throughout the Festival Season


1. Don’t leave items unattended


This rule applies even at night. At home you may sleep with your mobile device on your bedside table or your camera in your bag, but remember a tent is far easier to break into that your bedroom. Take a small bag that can fit all your valuables in and place it inside your sleeping bag next to your feet at night to ensure that your items are within your reach at all times. If your mobile has run out of juice, don’t be tempted to leave it in your tent during the day, instead keep it on your person at all times.


2. Carry your items sensibly


Wearing your backpack across your chest rather than on your back will make it far easier for you to keep your eye on your belongings. If you must carry things around in your pockets, attach them to your clothing where possible or use your front pockets rather than back pockets which could be easier for pickpockets to access. If you are carrying a handbag then make sure it has a zip or a tight fastening and an inside compartments for your mobile device or camera. Never leave your bag unattended, even for a few moments.


3. Protect your items against water damage


According to the Daily Mail half of all water damaged mobile phones are dropped down the toilet. A festival portable toilet may be near impossible to fish a mobile phone out of and far from pleasant. Ensure your mobile is stored in your bag or securely in a deep pocket and avoid using your gadgets in the obvious places.

Unfortunatly there is rain predicted this weekend, so be prepared! Keep your mobile device or camera in the front pocket of a waterproof jacket rather than in your trouser / short pockets. If you are using a bag make sure it is waterproof and always attach camera cords to your wrist or clothing to avoid dropping cameras in muddy puddles.


4. Protect the data on your mobile


Always have a lock on your mobile device to protect against Identity theft. A stolen mobile phone may not just result in the cost of the handset, but if a thief can get access to your Facebook account, email accounts and online banking then the damage could be far worse. The cost of unauthorised calls from your mobile device or sim card could also leave you severely out of pocket.

If the worst does happen and you lose your device, make sure you contact your mobile phone provider as soon as you discover a loss or theft to ensure it is black listed. Ask a friend to save the contact number of your mobile phone provider and your Insurance provider in their mobile so that you can call with ease if caught short.


5. Increase your chances of getting things returned


Attach a temporary sticker on the back of your iPhone with your name and a contact number (an alternative one of course) or invest in a Tagbak reward and return service for your devices. If you are taking a digital camera, take a photo of your name and contact number on the device. There are some honest people out there, and you never know, it may just be returned to you.

Last but certainly not least make sure you have the right Insurance for your trip. Gadget Insurance is highly important when protecting your devices. Some home insurance policies won’t cover your gadgets when you are out and about so don’t assume you are covered. Remember Gadget Insurance companies won’t replace your gadget if you are negligent, so it’s so important to not leave your gadgets out of arms length reach at any time. Protect your bubble’s Gadget Insurance will protect you against theft, liquid and accidental damage and also loss if you choose this option. To find out more about Protect your bubble’s Gadget Insurance visit

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