St Valentine’s Day – love it or loathe it, it’s considered one of the most romantic days of the year, and provides people everywhere with a chance to spend some quality time with that special someone. But if you’re stuck for ideas this year – or want to commemorate the day but are bored of the usual flowers-and-chocolates situation – here we provide a few suggestions perfect for pairs.

It takes two to… tango?

Taking dance lessons is a great way to spend your Valentine’s, and what could be more special than learning to tango? As a romantic dance by definition, the moves reflect style, courtship and passion – isn’t that what Valentine’s is all about?

It takes two to… tandem?

What could be more appropriate on this romantic holiday than a ride on a bicycle designed especially for two? While it might take a little while to get the hang of it, the tandem perfectly pairs the enjoyment of cycling with the opportunity to chat while riding together. Tandems come in all shapes and sizes for all different terrains – simply choose your bike, find a suitable cycle route, don your helmets and you’re away.
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It takes two to… tea?

As a more relaxed way to celebrate this year, taking high tea and enjoying some quality time with your other half means you can make the most of Valentine’s Day without any of the fuss. High tea is usually taken before about four o’ clock in the afternoon, consisting of light sandwiches, the odd cake and – you guessed it – a cup of tea.

It takes two to… toboggan?

In a slightly less traditional Valentine’s Day spirit, how about spending the day taking up a new activity such as tobogganing? We promise we didn’t add it to the list solely because it begins with T – it’s genuinely fun! There are various winter sports centres dotted around, where you can try your hand at all manner of daring sports. Nothing declares your love like a run down the ski slope… right?!
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