iPhone battery life is a precious thing and it seems to disappear all too quickly. Smartphones just don’t come equipped with the battery life that our old handsets did and it’s hardly surprising considering everything they do. All of our social networks, email accounts, and apps are sending us constant notifications which are only adding to the drain on battery life resource. These, along with other battery draining gremlins only add to our misery as our iPhone battery drains at an alarming rate. There are ways to save battery however, and identifying the main culprits is a great start. Below we identify some of the biggest battery draining culprits and show you how you can kick them to the curb.

iPhone Battery

5  Battery draining culprits:

1. Vibrate settings

There probably isn’t any real need to have vibrate turned on if your phone isn’t on silent as  it doesn’t really add anything, in fact on when your phone is placed on some surfaces it can be more of an annoyance than an asset. Vibrate uses more power than ringing does, so turn this function off if you don’t require it and save yourself some battery. You can turn this off by selecting Settings> Sound->Vibrate

2. Location services

The iPhone has a built-in GPS which is rather useful when trying to get driving directions or find local shops and restaurants. However to keep it working, data is being sent over a network and it requires battery power to work. Unless you require Location services to find your way from your desk to the kitchen to make your Monday morning coffee then you should consider turning these off when not in use. If you are an iPhone user then you can turn off Location settings selecting Settings >Location services

3. Internet connections

Remember the days before the Smartphone when mobile phone battery power lasted for days? Well that’s partly because they weren’t permanently connected to 3G / 4G networks or searching for WiFi networks. Your Internet connection can be one of the worst power draining gremlins, so if you can live without receiving Facebook updates at 3am in the morning or have access to the internet from your work PC it may be worth turning your phone to flight mode when asleep or in the workplace.

4. Screen settings

Believe it or not your screen could be one of the biggest battery draining gremlins. Adjusting your screen brightness and time out settings will help you save some precious battery life. You can reduce the length of your screen time out by going to Menu > Settings > Display > Screen Timeout.

5. Unused Apps

Unused apps can still be running in the background without your knowledge and your Smartphone could be working hard to install updates, making these apps another battery draining culprit. Uninstall unused apps and you will be able to save yourself a bit of battery juice.

If you find that your battery is still draining faster than it should be then you can find out what the main culprits draining our battery are by going to Settings > About device > Battery use.

Considering how frustrating it is when your phone battery dies and you are stuck without your Smartphone for the remainder of your day. If you were to lose or damage your phone then you will be even more frustrated should you have to go without it while you try to fork out for a replacement. Of course, this situation could be avoided my making sure you have the right Gadget Insurance. Then you can rest assured that if anything were to happen to your phone you won’t be without it for too long.

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