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Ok, so we’ve not actually done a review of either the iPhone 5S or the 5C ourselves. Both of the handsets aren’t currently available in the UK (although available to pre-order) so we’ve not managed to get our hands on one. We have however scanned the web, read many reviews and have compiled a list of very good and detailed reviews of both the new iPhones. These exceptionally informative reviews have been carried out by tech bloggers and tech journalists, some of whom that were able to make it to Apple’s product launch summit over in the US.

iPhone 5s Reviews

Hands on iPhone 5S review by Engadget: Includes images of the back and front and a video review. The review article talks a little on prices, features and specification.

Hands on iPhone 5S review by TechRader: Very well structured review with lots of images and covers almost all new features and upgraded specification of the 5s

Hands on iPhone 5S review by T3: Includes a video review and images too. T3’s review is not only just structured per category but very detailed and looks into build quality, screen/display quality, performance, battery life and more.

Hands on iPhone 5S review by Trusted Reviews: This is not just a review but a comparison between Samsung’s flagship model, the Galaxy S4 and Apple’s new flagship model, the iPhone 5s. A good article to read if you’re undecided between the Android and iOS.

Hands on iPhone 5S review by PC Advisor: This is again not just a review but a comparison against the iPhone 5. A recommended read if you already own an iPhone 5 and thinking of upgrading to the 5s.

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iPhone 5s Pictures

Official Video from Apple – Touch ID

Official Video from Apple – iSight Camera

iPhone 5C Reviews

Hands on iPhone 5S review by CNET: A good short round up review of the 5C. Also contains a video of the various colours currently available.

Hands on iPhone 5S review by The Guardian: Very detailed review covering price, camera quality, features, performance and battery life. 191 readers have also voiced their opinion via the comment form (13th Sept 2013), which may be worth a read if you’re interested on what the average consumer thinks of this phone.

Hands on iPhone 5S review by The Verge: A fairly short article confirming Apple’s announcement of the 5c. We’ve included it as it’s generated hundreds of comments which is well worth reading (and engaging) if you’re interested on consumer’s opinion.

Hands on iPhone 5S review by Digital Trends: The review covers colours, specification, prices, availability in different countries, and availability on US mobile phone networks.

Hands on iPhone 5S review by Engadget: Contains a video review, images of various colours currently available and an article covering prices and availability in the US market only.

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iPhone 5C Pictures

Official Video from Apple

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