UPDATE: With no announcement from Apple as of 9 AM PST, it is unlikely that we will see an iPad Mini announcement next week. Protect your bubble will continue to watch Twitter and follow the rumors to keep you up to date on the gadget and it’s possible unveiling.

If you’re still coming down from the buzz on iPhone 5, don’t get too complacent: Apple’s next big announcement is expected to come out in mid-October, as invitations to the press for a new Apple announcement are expected to hit inboxes tomorrow. Protect your bubble staff is anxiously awaiting the news to see which Apple device will be premiering next.

Each Apple announcement has a star–a particular new device, feature, or program that will change everyone’s lives. A new iPhone, the iPhone 5, was last month’s star. iOS 6 is still brand new, so unlikely to already be replaced. Similarly, iPad, iPod, and Macs have already had their anticipated yearly updates. The current Apple TV does not seem due for an update quite yet either, as it was also recently upgraded. With that, the rumor mills have focused on two items, the unlikely Apple iTV, and the expected iPad Mini.

Though Jobs himself did not seem to have faith in a 7-inch tablet, famously calling them “dead on arrival,” it seems that Apple may have faith in mini tablets after all. The big names in tech, from Tech Crunch, Mashable, and Gizmodo to Apple obsessed 9to5Mac and Cult of Mac, are all abuzz with iPad Mini rumors, anticipated specs, and even mock ups. One particular rendering making its rounds is from Martin Hajek, a designer who created extremely realistic iPhone 5 images before the phone’s release. Here, Hajek gives the design of the iPad Mini a go with its own rendering:

iPad Mini mock ups from Martin Hajek

Hajek created several images to depict what he thinks the iPad Mini will look like based on rumors and "leaked" images; see more from him at www.martinhajek.com.

What device do you think Apple will announce? Tell us your best guesses in a tweet to @protectyrbubble with the hashtag #iPadMini or #Apple, or just leave a comment on this post. If you plan on getting the new anticipated tablet, don’t forget to check into gadget insurance protection to keep your new device safe and sound.

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