The summer months are here and that means there are plenty more reasons to get out and about. Chances are you are not going to leave your Smartphone at home while you enjoy the sunshine, so you need to make sure that you look after it during your summer activities.

Summer gadgets

Luckily, as well as investing in Gadget Insurance, there is plenty you can do to take care of your gadgets. Below are some great tips to help you ensure that your Smartphone stays intact throughout summer.

 1. Stay in charge


Summer often means being out of the house and the longer days mean that your phone battery needs to go that extra distance. Keeping your phone fully charged while you are on the go can be  be challenging, so investing in a portable charger is a great idea.

There are also a few hints and tricks which can help you prolong your phone’s battery life. Try turning the brightness down for example and getting rid of all unused apps. If you are not using  your phone for a period of time then switch it onto airplane mode when it is not in use as this will help to significantly extend the battery life.

2. Protect Against Liquid Damage


We all know that mobile phones and water do not go together, so protecting your mobile from liquid damage is vital, especially in the summer months. There are a wide range of cases on the market that protect against liquid, so if you are heading to the beach or local swimming baths, then it’s a good idea to be prepared.

Beware of rain too, especially if you are going to be out and about at a summer festival. Keep your mobile device or camera in the front pocket of a waterproof jacket rather than in your trouser / short pockets. If you are using a bag make sure it is waterproof.

3. Never leave Gadgets unattended


The summer months bring more opportunities than ever for your gadgets to be left unattended. Don’t be tempted to leave your gadgets out of reach while you take a dip in the sea or local lido however. If you can’t have your device on you then take advantage of secure storage solutions such as lockers.

If you are attending a festival this summer then be extra careful. At home you may sleep with your mobile device on your bedside table or your camera in your bag, but remember a tent is far easier to break into that your bedroom. Take a small bag that can fit all your valuables in and place it inside your sleeping bag next to your feet at night to ensure that your items are within your reach at all times. If your mobile has run out of juice, don’t be tempted to leave it in your tent during the day, instead keep it on your person at all times.

4. Protect the data on your mobile


A stolen mobile phone may not just result in the cost of the handset, but if a thief can get access to your Facebook account, email accounts and online banking then the damage could be far worse. The cost of unauthorised calls from your mobile device or sim card could also leave you severely out of pocket.

Always use a passcode on your mobile phone and If the worst does happen and you lose your device, make sure you contact your mobile phone provider as soon as you discover a loss or theft to ensure it is black listed. Ask a friend to save the contact number of your mobile phone provider and your Insurance provider in their mobile so that you can call with ease if caught short.

5. Invest in a protective case


Protective cases arn’t just for those who like to keep their smartphone in pristine condition, they are for anyone who wants to protect their phone against a multitude of accidents waiting to happen. There are many ways that your smartphone can get damaged in both the winter and summer months, and investing in a protective case will minimise the risk of damage if you were to drop it.

There are plenty of cases available on the market deisgned to protect your mobile from drops, scratches and in some cases water damage. They can often look pretty trendy too.

6. Avoid excess bills


Leaving your data roaming turned on during an overseas holiday could result in a huge unwanted telephone bill. If the thought of no internet connected for a week fills you with dread then try and choose a hotel that offers free WiFi access or take advantage of free WiFi in local bars and cafes.

It can also be worth planning ahead, some network providers offer pre-purchase packages that allow you to take advantage of internet access and calls abroad at a lower cost, so contact your network provider ahead of your holiday if you feel this could be of use to you.

7. Protect against Extreme temperatures


It’s not just humans and animals that can be effected by the heat, your gadgets can too. Extreme heat can cause damage to your phone’s circuitry and can shorten the battery life. Electrical devices are not made to withstand high temperatures and they can shut down when they get too hot.

To protect your device against extreme heat, avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or on your car dashboard for example.

8. Keep your Smartphone clean


The summer months can be messy and you’ll be touching all sorts of things before using your Smartphone. Smudges and stains aren’t all that you need to worry about however; phones are particularly likely to carry bacteria.

Therefore you need to ensure that you are regularly cleaning your Smartphone in the correct way. Always use a microfiber cleaning cloth and a gadget-safe cleaning solution and be sure to spray the solution on the cloth and not on the device itself. Make sure that your device is turned off before you clean.

9. Invest in the right Gadget Insurance


Even if you follow all of these tips, unfortunatly accidents can happen or mobiles can get lost or stolen. Protect Your Bubble understand how important it is to have peice of mind and that’s why our Gadget Insurance covers you for theft, accidental damage and liquid damage as standard and you can shoose to add loss as an additional extra. To find out more about great value Gadget Insurance simply visit









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