If you are in the market for a new iPad, Television or Smartphone this November, it could be wise to hold on just a few weeks before you part with your hard earned cash. The reason for this is that on the 29th November 2013 many retailers are set to lower their prices and offer extra special discounts on hundreds of products for 4 days only.


29th November is Black Friday, a day that spurs on many retailers to lower their prices to encourage pre-Christmas spending throughout the weekend and through to Cyber Monday on the 2nd December. Black Friday isn’t a widely used term in the UK, but Cyber Monday is starting to slowly enter into many people’s vocabulary and for a good reason, it’s officially the best day of the year to grab a bargain!

If you aren’t too familiar with Black Friday, that may be because it is typically and historically an American event. The UK only started jumping on the Black Friday weekend bandwagon a few years back, but that doesn’t mean that we are missing out on the discounts galore. It may not be as widely anticipated and publicised as in the USA, but it is still a huge deal for many retailers and bargain hunters alike.

More and more UK retailers are getting involved and offering discounts to tempt consumers into parting with their money and last year it was reported that 112m visits were made to retail websites on Monday 3rd December 2012 alone. This was the most visits ever recorded on a single day to date. The most popular sites were eBay, Amazon and Argos and it was even reported that items from amazon.co.uk were being sold at 35 items per second!

Who is getting involved?

Many retailers got involved last year and are predicted to do the same this year. The Black Friday weekend is a great opportunity to pick up a number of discounted products, but gadgets tend to be some of the most heavily discounted items. Apple isn’t exactly famous for offering discounts, but even the technology giant has historically made an exception for the Black Friday weekend. If last year is anything to go by, then consumers this year will have the opportunity to pick up some great deals this Black Friday weekend.

Last year Apple reduced their prices not only in the USA, but also in the UK on some of their most popular products including the iPad 2 and 4, MacBook Air and iPod Touch and Nano. They even featured reductions of some of their most popular accessories as well.

It’s not just specialist retailers getting involved however, Amazon reportedly kicked off Black Friday in the UK in 2010 when they made some fantastic deals available for one day only over the four day period. Last year’s Black Friday weekend saw Xbox and Nintendo Wii consoles going for only £50 as well as some of the top games on offer at 50% off. This year Amazon are set to be giving even bigger and better deals and even have a page on their website dedicated to Black Friday.

Other retailers such as Tesco Direct are also getting involved, calling their weekend of discounts ‘Cyber deals’ which will run from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday. Last year offers included 25% off hundreds of items including technological items, and an amazing 70% off a selected few items per day.

Currys, Argos and online retailer play.com are also reported to be gearing up to offer some fantastic discounts for a limited time period only.

To give you an indication of what may be in store for shoppers this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we have searched the web for the best gadget discounts you may have missed last year:

The Top gadget discounts from last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday:


  • Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet for £99 – Amazon
  • £70 off Samsung NX 210 compact camera – Currys
  • Nintendo Wii and Xbox for  just £50 – Amazon
  • £31 off the iPad 4 – Apple
  • £21 off the iPad 2 -Apple
  • £21 off the iPad touch – Apple
  • £81 off laptops  – Apple
  • £250 off a Sony Bravia 3D TV – Currys

This year is set to be just as big and who knows which other retailers will join in and slash their prices this November / December. So if you love a bargain, then make sure you are alert on 29th November through to 2nd December, and you could save a load of cash.

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