Based on an average claim rate on our large UK wide mobile phone insurance customer base we’ve looked into the top 10 safest cities and top 10 riskiest cities in the UK to have your handset stolen.

Our stats indicate your mobile phone is more likely to be stolen in Brighton than any other city in the UK. This was followed by Manchester and then jointly by Leicester and Belfast as being third and fourth most likely cities to have your mobile phone stolen. The statistics from May 2011 to May 2012 also indicate that Greater London too is one of the top 5 most unsafe cities in the United Kingdom for your mobile phone.

Our claim rates indicate that Sunderland is safest city in the UK with the least number of theft claims compared to other UK cities. Sunderland was then closely followed by Hull, Bradford, Edinburgh and Wakefield as the other top 5 safest cities in the UK for your mobile phone.

Mobile Phone UK Theft Rates – An infographic by the team at Protect your bubble

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