Technology is evolving fast, and thanks to many advances our gadgets are getting more and more portable and efficient. 2013 was an exciting year for development, product beta phases and of course, gadget rumors, but 2014 looks set to be the year we finally get our hands on some of the most anticipated technology.  Below we take a look at some of the most exciting gadgets set for release in 2014.

Google Glass

Google Glass

Since Google announced their Google Glass product and released the revolutionary gadget to a select few for testing, they have commanded column inches both positive and speculative. In case you have managed to miss the hype, Google Glass is a wearable android powered computer built into the frames of the glasses. Google Glass has been around for a while but currently only a select group of early adapters have been able to try out the technology at a price tag of around $1,500. This testing  has allowed Google to continue to work on the product and iron out potential pitfalls ahead of the gadgets release including issues that were raised around public privacy. Google appear to still be in their testing period as another round of ‘explorer invites’ have been sent allowing more early adapters to apply to try Google Glass. With this in mind, it could be another few months at least before we see signs of Google Glass becoming commercially available, but 2014 could well be the year.


Samsung Galaxy S5

Galexy S5

note: Not actual picture of Galaxy S5

It was March last year that Samsung released the Galaxy S4 and rumor has it they plan to stick to the same time frames and release the S5 one year on. This means that there is not very long to wait, and a press release is expected in the next couple of months to confirm or deny the rumors. As always there has been much speculation around the design, specifications and features of the new Galaxy S5. The Smartphone is set to run Android 4.4, nicknamed Kit Kat and if Samsung wish to keep up with their rival Apple then the phone should be released with a 64-bit processor. The camera may get an upgrade too as the quality of Smartphone Cameras has significantly increased since the Galaxy S4 released with its then impressive 13 mega-pixel camera. The Galaxy S5 has been rumored to include an iris scanning functionality in a bid to compete with the iPhone 5s finger print scanning technology, although this particular rumor has been far from confirmed.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

Note: not actual picture of iPhone 6

The iPhone 5s only launched a matter of months ago which means it is early days for new iPhone speculation, but that didn’t stop the rumors starting almost immediately after the launch of the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 has been predicted  to be even lighter and thinner than its predecessor especially if the suggestions that Apple will use Liquidmetal for their new iPhone are true. Assuming the new iPhone is the thinnest and lightest yet has caused for there to be speculation around the name of the newer model. Rumors suggest that Apple could actual call their new device the iPhone Air, to follow in the footsteps of their new lightest and thinnest iPad – the iPad Air. It is also suggested that the screen will be larger on the new iPhone, apparently 4.8 inch or even 5 inch. The iPhone is due a bit of a makeover as the iPhone 5s followed the same design as the iPhone 5, so we could see the iPhone 6 released with a brand new look and feel. Only time will tell.


Steam Box

The Valve Steambox and Steambox OS were a couple of names taking up gaming column inches in 2013 and the hype continues into 2014 which launch dates for the new Steam machines now appearing to be within firm reach. If you haven’t heard of them yet, Steamboxes are pre-built PCs that have internal components that meet Valve Corporation’s performance requirements allowing it to run Steam OS. Steam OS is Valve’s own operating system designed specifically for gaming, and open to manufacturers to use freely, providing their devices meet the specifications. The concept behind the Valve Steam box was to make PC gaming easy and accessible and bridge the distinctive gap between PC gaming and console gaming delivering greater graphics quality and removing the restrictions set by current console gaming.  300 lucky users have already been given the opportunity to try out the Steam boxes.  A number of third party suppliers have already set about creating stream machines for release early this year.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

If you are unfamiliar with  Oculus Rift, it is a next-generation gaming helmet that gives a completely immersive gaming experience. Originally a Kick-starter project thought up by 19 year old student; Palmer Luckey, it has come along way since the concept was bought to light in 2011. Thanks to custom tracking technology, giving 360° head tracking, the user experiences a virtual world that can be looked around and explored as if it were real life. We gave visitors to the Gadget show 2013 the chance to try out the new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and Jason Bradbury liked it so much he invested in a developer’s kit himself. Currently you can only purchase a developer’s kit rather than the Helmet itself but with over 50,000  kits already sold to date it is clear that there is a market out there for the virtual reality gaming helmet and 2014 could be an exciting year for this particular technology.

 Apple i-Watch and Galaxy Gear 2

Galaxy Gear

Note: not actual picture of the Galaxy Gear 2

2013 was an exciting year for wearable technology especially the ‘Smart watch’ and more brands offered up their version of the device giving us a choice between the Pebble, Galaxy Gear and Sony Smart watch to name a few. However, with greater emphasis on health and fitness and the ability to be connected at all times, there is still room for a truly amazing Smart watch to be introduced to the market.  If anyone is going to crack the full potential of the Smart watch then there is a good chance it will be either Samsung or Apple. The Samsung Galaxy Gear has been confirmed to be released in April this year whilst the release date of the Apple i-Watch is said to be much further down the line. The Galaxy Gear 2 is set to be improved from the ‘bulky’ design of the original Gear but other changes are so far unconfirmed. Currently the Galaxy Gear is only splash proof and can be used only with Galaxy devices, whilst the Pebble is not only waterproof but can also sync with both IOS and Android devices. Whilst we can’t see either Samsung or Apple opening up their Smart watches to be used with a rival operating system, both need to ensure that they keep up the competition and do not alienate the market.

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