Apple’s iPhone 5 literally broke the mold–The iconic phone not only changed the ever constant design of the iPhone itself with a different size, charge portal, and more, but also made record sales within its first week. People queued up outside of Apple stores across the UK anxiously awaiting the moment when they would first hold their new gadget in their hand.

Protect Your Bubble is all about helping you protect the things that matter to you in your everyday life, especially your mobile gadgets, and the new iPhone 5 is no different. In addition to helping you protect the things you care about, we also like to share in big moments, like the queue waiting for the new iPhone, or being there the moment you get to open the box. Squeak went on scene in London at the Apple store to spend time with others as they waited for the new mobile to hit shelves:

Squeak from Protect Your Bubble waits in line at the Apple store for the iPhone 5

Squeak waits in line with others for the new iPhone 5 to go on sale.

Squeak, the mouse from Protect Your Bubble, waits with friends for the iPhone 5

Squeak got the chance to chat with others in line while everyone waited patiently for the store doors to open.

Did you go out and wait for the iPhone 5 to go on sale? If so, tell us if you saw Squeak by mentioning us on Twitter, Facebook, or in a comment here! If you have the new iPhone 5, which new feature do you love the most?

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