According to our recently conducted survey, 51.4% of drivers have scraped, bumped or knocked their car causing minor cosmetic damage and 26.4% have had it happen to them more than once.

However, a staggering 76.5% of drivers who had suffered cosmetic car damage stated that they did not claim for the damage on their motor insurance instead they decided to get the damage repaired themselves or just live with it. Our info graphic below tells you why:

Motor Infographic


What happened to the 23.3% who did claim on their Car Insurance?

Of those respondents who did claim on their car insurance 30.8% said they lost their no claims bonus, 23.8% had to pay a large excess and 30% found that their policy went up significantly when renewing their policy.

With Car insurance excess costing in the region of £200 – £500 it is easy to see why it may be more cost effective to deal with damage yourself, or choose to ignore it.

It’s no doubt that an unexpected scratch or dent can leave you tightening your purse strings for the month to cover the damage from your own pocket, or leave you with an ugly reminder of your miss fortune. Luckily, Protect your bubble have launched Cosmetic Car Insurance, a proactive solution that means in the event of a minor accident or bump to your vehicle, you can get your cosmetic car damage repaired right away without feeling the pinch. To find out more about Cosmetic Car Insurance visit

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