Simple tricks to keep your pets safe this winter! Around this time of year when all the leaves have fallen from the trees and the temperature has significantly dropped the rise in visits to the vet and pet claims goes up. We’ve pulled together a few very simple tips to help you keep your furry […]

If you’re thinking of getting a pet cat, there are many considerations to bear in mind – such as maintenance, health issues and pet cat insurance costs. However, the most important considerations will be the cat’s looks and character, so here we describe the UK’s top ten breeds. 1. Persian Cat Well-known for its beautiful […]

I recently read an article in the national press about Britain’s most pampered pooch. In case you don’t believe any of the following facts, you can Google the dog in question and check. His name is Prince and he’s a Chinese Crested. His owner spends over £250 per month on an incredible range of clothes, […]

Don’t put yourself in debt because of a sick or injured pet. These days, vets can provide treatments that up until a few years ago would only be available to humans, such as chemotherapy, kidney transplants, aqua-therapy and radiation treatment. Conditions that need treatments like these would have cost the lives of your pets; instead, […]