All You Need To Know About Bike Week 2015!

bike week

Family ride during Bike Week

June is upon us, the nights are getting longer and that get away you’ve eagerly been anticipating is just around the corner! It also means that Bike Week 2015 is here.

For those unaware, bike week 2015 runs between 13-21st of June and provides a great platform for showcasing how cycling can easily become a daily activity for all and not just the enthusiast. Bike week’s main aim is demonstrate the social, health and environmental benefits cycling can bring and they have helped facilitate the organisation of events all over the UK ranging from simple cycle to work  weeks all the way through to gruelling cycle challenges for those daring enough to really get stuck in. With this in mind we’ve explored some key aspects of every day cycling.

In need of an extra few pennies?

Why not cycle to work? Recent studies suggest that the average Briton spends just under £2,500 fuelling their car. With fuel prices once again beginning to rise at a rapid rate this figure is only likely to rise. Fancy cycling to work but don’t have a bike? Many companies are participating in the Government’s cycle to work scheme. The scheme allows employers to loan bikes and cycling equipment to employees as a tax free benefit. It’s worth checking with your manager or HR if the scheme is already in place but if not, the scheme is open to companies of all sizes across both the public and private sector so perhaps it can be raised at your next team meeting.

The health benefits

Cycling has many health benefits; Firstly just getting outside provides your body with access too much needed natural sunlight. Sunlight is rich in vitamin D which has been proven to lead to a happier lifestyle. Secondly it’s a well known fact that cycling is great for toning up lower stomach muscles, legs and bums which can only leader to more confidence when pulling on the shorts and swimwear this summer!

Worried about changing tyres in the cold & wet?

Puncture proof tyres have really taken off over the last few years. There are many affordable options now on the market which can be picked up from your local bike shop. Baring a full blow out or torn tyre, an investment in a pair of puncture proof tyres might just provide you with the confidence to get up and go cycling.

A great tip for getting home safely should you suffer a ripped tyre and blow out is to place a piece of card such as a train ticket in between the tyre and inner tube. This provides a bit of extra protection for the vulnerable inner tube and providing care is taken should get you home.

Get out this weekend

No matter your age, shape or gender bike week 2015 provides the perfect opportunity to get outside and exercise. Whether it’s just taking the kids out for a ride or entering one of the many challenges and competitions that are running this weekend there is a great variety of choice. Bike Week’s event finder allows you to put in your postcode in order to find out about everything in your local vicinity.

Get 10% off bike insurance

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Feeling Inspired?

If this has captured your imagine and given you a burning desire to go out and get cycling in the coming weeks but feel there is nothing suitable going on in your area then it’s not too late to set up your own event. It can be anything from a lazy Sunday afternoon ride to a workplace challenge. Bike Week 2015 will provide you with free insurance, publicity and public liability insurance so there really is no excuses!
Happy Cycling!

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