So that’s another year down, they are certainly flying by now!! Next year will be my 11th year as a professional cyclist which is a crazy thought!

This year went well all in all. I had the biggest win of my career with Paris Nice and defended my Algarve title which I won in 2015. It wasn’t all plain sailing though. After Paris Nice I got a little sick but still rode Milan - San Remo, where I crashed....

To a lot of people cycling is much more than just a mode of transport, granted it’s a great mode of transport being economical and environmentally friendly but its more: it’s exercise with many health benefit and can even form part of injury recovery and rehabilitation. It’s a social getaway from the grinds of everyday […]

The Snaplock from Squires takes a massive step in the right direction towards fixing a problem all keen cyclists have. The better your bike, the better your lock needs to be to keep it safe and also keep your insurance validated. The problem here is that generally the better the lock the bigger and more cumbersome it tends to be. Why have a super light carbon fibre bike if you have to lug around 10 kilos worth of locks I hear you cry! Squires have set about trying to fix that problem.

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