Mothers are arguably the busiest people we have around. Since time immemorial, Mums have been recognised for their great multitasking skills – not only do they take care of kids but also carry out other duties that include but not limited to; taking care of household chores, going to work, loving their spouses and managing bills and finances. However, no matter how strong one is; such tasks can ultimately take a toll on any given parent. Fortunately, Smartphones and other gadgets such as the iPad have come to their rescue.

Through the use of third party apps, mothers can use smartphones such as iPhone’s to carry out or plan functions more effectively. Some of the tasks that can be accomplished by mothers at the touch of a button using apps include; planning(organising) schedules, simplifying tasks or routines that can otherwise take a lot of time, entertaining themselves and their kids, tracking their health, protecting their families and more. There are plenty of applications made for both iPhone and iPad – with the role of a mother in mind. There are currently hundreds available in the App Store today that could help virtually any iPhone owner with a busy lifestyle. We have taken a look at many of these and have compiled a list of 5 recommended iPhone apps for mums.

Best iPhone Apps for Mums – April 2013

Baby Connect

iPhone App Baby Connect

Baby connect is an awesome app that help mothers keep track of their newborn feeding, sleeping, moods, habits etc. The app can easily record all of the baby’s movements thus keeping the mother in the loop with regards to the baby’s growth and development. The good thing about this app is that you can assign or authorise other users to keep track of your baby progress. In a nutshell, the babies connect helps mothers ensure that the growth of their babies is on track.

Spinning Meals Smart Meal Planner

iPhone App Spinning Meals

Spinning Meals is an iPhone app that enables mothers to come up with delicious menu combination for their family. With this app on your Apple iPhone, you can be able to come up with creative meal ideas for your family. Aside from coming up with timely meal suggestions, Spinning Meals enables mothers to budget for groceries and other recipes. If you are looking for great meal suggestions for your family then Spinning Meals is definitely an app to have installed on your iOS handset.

Lose It

iPhone App Lose It

Lose it is an iPhone app that enables mothers to lose weight more effectively. The app enables mothers to track their calorie intakes, set healthy meal plans, track results and more. What is so amazing about this app is that you can set up a timeline for which you can accomplish your weight loss goals. If you are looking for an easy yet intuitive app to help you get in shape, “Lose It” is definitely an app to consider.

Mom Maps

iPhone App Mom Maps

Mom Maps app is an iPhone app that enables mothers to find interesting locations or areas where they can hang out with their kids for fun. Mom Maps help mothers find cool hang out joints or places such as; kid friendly parks, playgrounds, restaurants, theme parks, museums etc. This app is really well built, making it easy to use and find locations or places to hang out with your kids. Additionally, the app has plenty of reviews from other mothers on cool places to visit. And if that’s not enough, the app also features several bloggers and travel experts making the whole experience wholesome.

iPhone App Mint is a personal finance app for iPhone to that is helpful to parents, guardians and ‘bill payers’, and not necessarily ‘just for mums’. The apps has however made it to our top 5 list of ‘iPhone apps for mums’ due to the fact that managing finance is important for any household. The app helps the user balance their budgets, pay their bills, manage cash flow and carry out other finance related tasks. The app simplifies personal financial management thus alleviating the stress that comes with managing money and paying bills. If you are looking for an easy to use app that will simplify your financial management tasks, the would be a good one to consider installing.

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