Nothing is better than having to shed the cobwebs off your cycles and take them out for a ride this season, however, being a cyclist requires keeping an accurate record of all your workout related data including your time, speed, distance and more. Nothing is better than allowing an easily downloadable iPhone app to do it for you. As a specialist insurer of iPhones and bicycles, we’ve looked at the available apps in Apple’s App Store and have compiled a list that cyclists can use to help keep a track of navigation, fitness, maintenance and all your bicycle related needs.

Best iPhone Apps for Cyclists – March 2013


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Cycle Tracker Pro:

The best feature of this app is its attractive yet user friendly interface that makes all your cycle related data easy to access at a single glance. It keeps track of all your essential data such as distance, altitude, calories, speed, time and average speed. It can also be used to play music directly from the gadget you are using it on. You can choose something to boost your motivation and make the most of your workout It provides twitter and Facebook integration and can also be used to race against your last best time. It comes with an auto audio prompt service during your workout session.


The most commonly used app for keeping track of all your cycling related data is the iMapMyRide+. It can be used to store data such as time, distance, speed and elevation.By purchasing a dongle that is available separately, you can also keep track of your heart rate. It includes other features such as availability of cycling routes, integration with twitter, uploading and sharing pictures and user support. You can save all your work out related data by syncing your mobile phone, iPad, iPod and other gadgets with an online account at the app’s website.

Strava iPhone app:

This particular app comes with all the extensive features you’d expect to be part of a fully equipped bike computer. It tracks your progress on whatever path your choose to cycle on using the iPhone GPS app letting you see the important statistics such as calories expended, distance traveled and speed. However it doesn’t stop at the usual The best and the most distinctive feature of this app is that it provides to you the data from other cyclists arranging them in the form of cyclist rankings providing you with a competitive streak. If travelling on a certain track, you can find out the data related to all the other cyclists that have taken the same route and compare their time and speed with yours. This also gives you the opportunity to connect with these cyclists you discover through this app for group cycling meets and more.


This app can be used to gather information regarding your next cycling trip that includes time,distance, speed,calories and altitude. By transferring your data to a third party website for free you can obtain a detailed analysis report. The app provides you with hundreds of user submitted cycle trails in OpenStreetMap view. The app stops running or pauses automatically when you stop moving. It also provides the feature of iPod integration.

Bike Doctor:

What is a good cyclist without an efficient bike running in a great condition to pair with? The Bike Doctor app helps you to understand the most common problems that can be encountered in your bike, followed by an easy step by step guide to prevent them, ensuring quality maintenance in the long run. If in case your bike still comes across a problem, the Bike Doctor app can be referred to for simple to understand steps along with pictures on how to get rid of whatever problem there is. This comprehensive bike maintenance and repair guide has the trust of over fifteen thousand users which grant it enthusiastic five star reviews.

Bike Hub:

This game changer app gives a fresh turn to navigation routes. It not only provides you with standard routes you can use for cyclists but does that by keeping track of your requirements. For example if you are looking for a quiet place with less traffic to cycle on, you can simply rely on this app to give you a detailed account of all such places in your city all with an easy to follow turn by turn navigation instructions.

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