If you are an animal lover then you know that taking care of your pets takes time and dedication.  Luckily there are now a number of apps available to smartphone users that combined with the right Pet Insurance can help you give your furry companion the best care available.

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The best apps for pet lovers

Pet first aid –

This is a great app if you find yourself dealing with a poorly cat or dog. You can look up their symptoms to help determine if you should take them to the vet or if there are other remedies you can try at home first. It stores your pet’s medical records, even if you don’t have cell phone services and for only £2.49, is a great resource for any pet owner to consider.

iDog Book –

This free app is for all dog lovers. You can look up information about all dogs and the top breeds as well as their traits. For those who love cats, a similar app ‘Cats of the world’ is available to serve a similar purpose.

iKibble –

Another useful for dog owners, this app informs you of what ingredients found in available foods, may not so beneficial to your dog. It also informs you of the human foods you can safely feed your canine friend. As a free app, this is another must have for those who want to properly care for their dog.

DogFacts & CatFacts-

This provides random facts and information. From trivia, to news and basic facts, you can find it all about your cats and dogs. Not only are these free, they are also extremely insightful for pet owners and can give you information you would otherwise never have known.

Pet care services –

Free for a limited time only, this app can help you find out where to go when you need instant care for your pet. You can find information about dog leashes, boarding kennels, and local vets to take your pet to if you are unfortunate enough to have them fall ill away from home. You can even find out what hotels, cafes, and other locations are pet friendly if you do want to bring your dog along with you on a family vacation.

Clicker training app –

If you have ever heard of success with clicker training, you can turn your phone in to a clicker training device. This can be used to train your dog, but it is also resourceful for other animals as well. Clickers are very expensive, so this low priced option might be one to consider if you want to train your pet, using just your phone. For those who want to try it, the LTE version is available for free.

These are some of the top apps to consider if you have pets. Although there are several others to try out, these are resourceful, provide basic information, and give you the key facts that all pet owners want to know to care for and keep their pets healthy.


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