With the new iPhone launch imminent, it’s that time of year again when Apple become one of the most talked about brands on the market. However recent stats are indicating that Samsung are actually the company to watch due to their high customer ratings for usability and reliability, suggesting that Apple may have some fierce competition on their hands this time round.

It’s no secret that the Apple vs. Samsung debate has divided many tech fans, made great news stories and even resulted in a public lawsuit. Protect your bubble have followed the news along the way, and even pitted two of the most popular phones against each other in our drop test and dunk test where we tested the resilience of the iPhone 5 against the Samsung S4 by dropping them both from varied heights and submerging them in water.

With so much having gone on in the last decade with the two tech giants, it’s hard to say who is on top. Regardless of the number of units shipped, or phone popularity, below I take a look at the highlights from the Apple Vs Samsung tech war so far:

Samsung Galaxy S4

Top 5 Highlights of the Apple Vs Samsung tech wars so far

5) Apple start to cut ties

Despite the rather public feud, Apple and Samsung are actually more reliant on each other than some people may believe. Currently Apple rely on Samsung to supply their processers and memory chips. This month however, after much delay, Apple took a vital step forward in cutting ties with Samsung by signing a deal with another manufacturer to start making some of the chips in 2014. Considering Apple are one of Samsungs biggest customers then this could leave them with a big hole in the demand for their business

4) The ‘Size matters’ war

Is bigger really better when it comes to your Smartphone? Samsung appeared to think so with the introduction of the Galaxy note. In September 2012 Apple, however couldn’t resist a subtle dig at their competitors within a television advertising campaign that was all about the phone. Their new advert featured the new iPhone5 and demonstrated its features and ease of use. Not, one to miss an opportunity Apple cheekily pointed out that their iPhone5 is exactly the right size for the palm of your hand, and why would you need bigger? Samsung however appear to like consistency and still hold their belief that bigger is better as just this month they launched the Galaxy mega, a Smartphone combining the portability of a Smartphone with the power of a tablet, with a high-definition 6.3-inch ‘super clear LCD’ display.

3) Apple step up the innovation stakes

Samsung may be riding high in terms of the number of units they are shifting, but this seems to have given Apple an even bigger appetite for success.  What do you do when your current weapon of choice is no longer winning you the fight? Simple – come back with new and exciting one! Recognising that the Smartphone market could soon become ‘so last season’ Apple set about putting the wheels in motion to develop wearable technology in the shape of the iWatch. Quick to patent the technology to avoid any future accusations, it’s pretty clear Apple could well be on to the next big thing and one that can’t be accused of ‘already being here’.

2) That very public lawsuit

In 2012 the rivalry between Apple and Samsung stepped up a gear and Samsung suddenly had more to worry about than whether or not the public preferred the iPhone. They publicly ended up in the courts in 2012, when Apple decided to sue Samsung for stealing features from their paintented design.  It made the news and the media had a field day as Samsung suffered a huge monetary loss when the courts decided in favour of Apple. There is no such thing as bad presses right?

1) Samsung show their sense of Humour

Whilst the world was taking about the ‘Next big thing’ – tipped to be the iPhone 5, In August 2012, Samsung decided to show their fighting spirit as well as their sense of humor by releasing their ‘The next big thing is already here’ viral advert. The clip cleverly and not so subtly poked fun out of the much anticipated launch of the iPhone 5.  Featuring people queuing for a new phone (viewers were left the fill in the blanks that this was the iPhone5) but being distracted by Samsung users and their phones. They showed their humour poking fun with lines like ‘We will defiantly get that next year’ Insinuating that Apple have been holding back on some of the much anticipated features. There was even a little poke at age demographics as a young man with a Samsung revealed he was saving a place in line for his parents.

So are you team Apple or Samsung? We like to stay neutral in the Protect your bubble office; after all, we do provide great value Gadget Insurance on any phone regardless of the manufacturer. Only time will tell which technological giant has what it takes to stay ahead of their game and continue to impress us with their Smart technology offerings but we will be eagerly watching this space.


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