We’re midway through 2013 and have already seen the gadget and mobile phone manufacturers stepping up the gears with powerful hardware and software features. With another 6 months remaining of the year 2013, we take a look at some further technology innovations in consumer gadgets that may see more of.

Tech Innovations Expected by the end of this year


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Full HD Display Smartphones

Smartphones with full HD screens have started rolling out at the start of this year and this trend can only continue to grow. Mobile phone manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Sony and HTC are currently leading the way with their initial releases, however there are still some high profile manufacturers (such as Apple iPhone) that are yet to release their own.

Size 0 Gadgets

2012 was the year of skinny devices. This digital trend continues in 2013 as more consumers prefer slimmer devices such as Smartphones, portable music players e.t.c. Manufacturers of handheld and portable devices are expected to release slimmer and lighter devices in 2013 to lure consumers who find the devices fashionable. You should expect to see more skinnier and lighter handheld devices in the market by the end of 2013.

XXL Screen Televisions

Televisions have always been getting bigger and bigger, and is still expected to get even bigger. Currently the biggest OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) TV is 84 inch with a 4k resolution. This TV by LG costs $20,000 here, which is obviously not affordable for the average consumer. This price is however expected to drop the way 3D televisions have dropped in the past year. As these pricey super large screen TV’s become more and more affordable, demand should in theory also increase. The only setback is there is a shortage of material for 4k resolution. This is however expected to play out fine as was the case for 3D material when 3D TV’s first entered the market. We’re expecting a trend of large screen LED TV’s to start towards the end of 2013 and continue throughout 2014.

Cameras with better Social Features

Cameras with built in Wi-Fi connectivity have been pretty slow off the mark. Social sites have proven to become the new ‘digital photo albums’ and majority of the pictures being uploaded are photos taken from mobile phone cameras. We should be expecting manufacturers to release cameras that will make it extremely easy to share photos by the end of this year. Manufacturers such Sony have already led the pack introducing plans to make sophisticated cameras with Wi-Fi technology enabling direct photo uploads to the internet. Data cables will be rendered useless if this digital trend for cameras takes off. Plans to make cameras with Wi-Fi capabilities have been underway since early 2012. This, we hope to become reality this year when more camera manufacturers add Wi-Fi to their devices.

Cloud revolution

Cloud computing trend has been recognised by some of the worlds largest tech companies including Google (Google Drive), Apple, (iCloud) and Microsoft (SkyDive), thus we see the launch of their on cloud storage solutions. 2013 is also expected to be the year when more people embrace cloud computing which simply means allowing programs and software to be virtually hosted via cloud hosting companies. Cloud computing aims are reducing the need for onboard storage space in computing devices. Previously, many people were concerned about storage space in devices as an important specification. 2013 is expected to start a cloud computing revolution where on-board storage will stop being a concern for buyers looking for computing devices.

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