According to an article in the Telegraph, the average Briton now owns a whopping 10 gadgets per person! If you live in a busy household then that is a lot of tech under one roof.

You may be under the impression that some, if not all of these gadgets are covered by your Home Insurance, but restrictions do apply and claiming for a single lost or stolen gadget on your Home Insurance can mean a huge excess or a rise in monthly premiums, meaning it’s just not worth it. For advice on whether your gadgets are covered by your Home Insurance click here.

Luckily there are other options. Protect Your Bubble’s specialist Family Gadget Insurance means that you are covered for far more eventualities that on your Home Insurance, including theft outside of the home, mechanical fault and worldwide cover. Gadget Insurance is always a great idea, but if you live in a busy household then our Family Gadget cover could be the perfect solution, below are 5 reasons why this could be the case:



1. You have more than 4 gadgets in your household

If you have four or more gadgets in your household then you could save a bundle on your Gadget Insurance by putting all of your policies onto a Family Gadget Insurance policy. Protect Your Bubble’s Family Gadget Insurance starts from only £15.99 for month for 4 gadgets and any additional gadget can be added for just £3 per gadget per month.


2. You Travel abroad with your gadgets

Your families gadgets make perfect holiday companions especially if you have children to entertain on a long flight or car journey. Accidents happen though and gadgets can get lost or stolen while on holiday and this could seriously put a damper on your holiday mood. Unfortunately most home insurance policies will not cover your gadgets whilst you are away and your Travel Insurance will only cover items up to a certain value. Protect Your Bubble Family Gadget Insurance covers your gadgets worldwide for up to 180 days.


3. You worry about the expense of replacing lost, stolen or damaged gadgets

Accidents happen and gadgets can get lost, stolen or damaged. Gadgets don’t come cheap these days and replacing and iPad or similar Tablet device or a smartphone out of your own pocket could be very costly. If you are paying for a contract on your mobile phone but lose this before the contract term is up then you will be liable to pay the remainder of the contract and arrange for an alternative mobile phone / contract which means you could end up paying double. Family Gadget Insurance means that you will only have to pay a predetermined excess, should you need to claim for a replacement gadget.


4. You have children away at University

Your Home Insurance may be restrictive in terms of cover for gadgets owned by family members living at a temporary address. Luckily Protect Your Bubble’s Family Gadget Insurance covers sons and daughters living away for some of the year whilst at College or University, so you can have peace of mind that you won’t have to fork out extra allowance for replacement gadgets if they get lost or stolen.


5. You prefer to manage all you families Gadget Insurance policies in one place

Separate policies can be a bit of a nightmare to keep track of, especially if you have busy teenagers away from home or younger children who’s gadgets are registered in your name (you have to be 18 years or older to take out a Gadget Insurance policy). Different Insurers have different restrictions also, and if you are heading on a family holiday then it could be frustrating to know that only some of your gadgets are covered abroad. Family Gadget Insurance doesn’t only allow you to save money on your premiums, but it also allows you to manage all your items on one policy, so you can see exactly what you get and exactly how much you are paying out each month.


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