In case you aren’t familiar with  ‘Google Doodle’, it is the term given for the fun changes that Google make to their home page logo daily. They have been surprising and delighting us for years with their fun and sometimes interactive daily take on their homepage logo. The Google Doodles are designed to pay tribute to events, inventors, famous figures and much more, but as well as often giving as a little historical insight, they are really quite fun. Here is our list of the Top 5 interactive Google Doodles so far:


5. Frank Zamboni’s 112th Birthday


Google Doodle 1

On January 16th 2013, Google gave Frank Zamboni, the creator of the Zamboni ice machine a little nod with their Google Doodle. The Zamboni machine is a device that is used to resurface ice rinks and is widely used for any ice-based sport and this interactive Google Doogle gave you the chance to operate one with your keyboard and smooth over the icy Google letters. Considering the chilling weather of January 2013, this was a perfect Google Doodle to pass some time.

If you want to have a go with Google Doodle then you can still play it by following the below link:

4. Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday


Google Doodle 2

On 23rd May 2012 Google paid homage to Robert Moog, inventor of the Synthesizer. Google created an interactive synthesizer that could be played to create a share able tune. You could play with the filter, oscillators and envelope to make new sounds. The playable keys could be pushed down with your space bar generating a tune that could even be recorded and played back to.

If you missed the chance to play with this Google Doodle then you can access it via the link below:


3. Alan Turning’s 100th Birthday


Google Doodle 3

On June 23 2012 it was Alan Turning who got a Google Doodle dedicated to him to celebrate this 100th birthday, and it was a great interactive Google Doodle to have a go at. In honour of Alan Turning and his contribution to the cracking of the German military code in World War II, Google let you have a go at cracking the Doodle code. On this day there was a turning machine in place of the logo and you could interact and move around the numbers to try and crack the  code.

If you missed the chance to try and crack the Google Code then access this Doodle via the link below:


2. The 30th Anniversary of Pac Man


Google Doodle 4

It was Friday 22nd May 2010 that Google treated us to the interactive Pac Man Google Doodle to celebrate the 30th birthday of the game. On this day you could play a version of the arcade game on Google’s homepage. Players could move the familiar little yellow guy around the maze which was formed by the Google logo. This was the first interactive Google Doodle and one that captured the attention of many and reinforced our love of the Pac Man game.

To have a go at playing this Google Doodle, visit the link below:


1. The London 2012 Olympics


Google Doodle 5

During the 2012 London Olympics, Google celebrated with the nation and treated us to not one, but a series of four interactive Google Doodles. These included the basketball doodle which allowed you to have a go at shooting hoops by tapping your space bar. Other doodles included  Soccer, Hurdles and Slalom canoes and gave everyone who visited the Google homepage the opportunity to experience a little piece of the games.

Each of the Olympic Google Doodles can be found and played via the links below:




Slalom canoe:

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