London is certainly one of the world’s most beautiful cities and today it is more bicycle friendly than ever. Offering many different bicycle trails across the city, for those who enjoy cycling it is a simply amazing experience.

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Here are five amazing bicycle rides in London that are perfect for the biking enthusiast who wants to see many of the beautiful sights without having to use their vehicle:


Bicycle Ride

Limehouse Basin to London Fields


This is a rather easy route that only takes 20 minutes or so to complete at a moderate pace. However, there are many wonderful stops along the way where you can take in the many sights that this particular trail offers. There are numerous parks, playgrounds and duck-feeding areas that are perfect for the kids. Plus, the trail crosses historic Victoria Park and ends at the lovely London Fields.


Natural History Museum to Tate Modern


This is a more moderate route for experienced bikers and takes about an hour if you don’t stop. A perfect trail to ride in the morning, especially on Saturday, you can take in the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park, cross The Serpentine, ride by Buckingham Palace and even go past 10 Downing Street and Trafalgar Square as well. This is certainly one of the best trails to take in many of the great sites of London.


Finsbury Park to Highgate at the end of the line


This is another easy trail that’s perfect for beginners and families which takes about 20 minutes without stopping. Starting in Finsbury Park, you can travel along where the old railway used to run and see Alexandra Palace. The trail is relatively flat almost all of the way with plenty of trees, playgrounds and sights to see, such as the remnant of the old Crouch End Hill Station. Although the scenic views are sometimes restricted, it’s very easy to know your location along this trail.


Crystal Palace to Alexandra Palace


Not for the feint of heart as this trail is for advanced bikers and takes roughly an hour and fifteen minutes to complete. You start at the reconstructed Crystal Palace which is one of the highest points of the city. The trail winds down the hills and takes you past Sydenham Rise, along the Horniman Museum and through the various lanes and roads of the city until you reach Alexandra Palace. Perhaps best ridden on a Saturday morning, this trail does offer many great sites though you will have to climb and descend the hills.


Islington to Epping Forest


Another somewhat difficult trail that takes nearly two hours to complete, it does offer many spectacular sights through the parks and trees which makes this one a real favorite. From Islington you ride through the Regent’s Canal path and go through Victoria Park, then across the railway bridge to see the incredible Olympic Village. The rest of the trail is off-road and leads through the Epping Forest, an absolutely beautiful sight.

These are but five of the great bicycle rides in London. Be sure to check out the many other trails that this marvelous city has to offer.


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