If you are an iPhone fan then you may need little persuasion to invest in the iPhone 5s. This year however the Smartphone competition is stronger than ever, and with many phones available on the market it goes without saying that for some there has to be a number of pretty good reasons to upgrade to a new iPhone or switch from an alternative Smartphone. Apple clearly took this into account when designing their latest iPhone offering as they have once again delivered a feature packed device that has got everyone talking. If you haven’t already invested in the iPhone 5s and are unsure whether this device is the one for you or if you simply need reminding of its great features, then read on as we give you 10 great reasons to do so.




1. Touch ID:

Arguably one of the most exciting features of the new iPhone 5s is its Touch ID fingerprint scanner. You access your iPhone numerous times throughout the day and putting in a 4 digit pit code each time can be tiresome. Apple however have now solved that problem. The iPhone 5s comes with a fingerprint scanning device built into the home button, allowing you to open your phone with just the touch of your finger. It’s simply easy, and just a little bit cool. It adds an additional security measure, helps you to keep your data private and at first makes you feel just a tiny bit like James Bond.

2. Sleek design:

Apple Hit the nail on the head when they launched the sleek iPhone 5, and as they say, ‘If it aint broke, don’t fix it’. The iPhone 5s is similar in size and design to the iPhone 5 but still manages to be the smallest and lightest iPhone on the market, weighing in at 3.95 ounces, almost a whole ounch lighter than the 4s. What makes the iPhone 5s so unique however in terms of look and feel are the range of colours available. For the first time Apple have produced a version of the iPhone in gold as well as silver and space grey, so that the shell of the device is just as great as everything inside.

3) A7 Chip:

The new A7 chip within the iPhone 5s claims to take the iPhone 5s to a new level of fast and it doesn’t fail to deliver. The chip which is unique to the iPhone 5s delivers CPU and graphics performance up to twice as fast as the A6 chip featured on both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c. In addition, the A7 chip makes the iPhone 5s the world’s first 64-bit Smartphone, allowing it to deliver desktop quality on a device slim enough for your pocket.

4) M7 Coprocesser:

If you care to, think of the A7 chip and the M7 coprocessor as the Batman and Robin of the iPhone world. The M7 is a perfect sidekick to the A7 chip, taking some of pressure off by measuring motion data, and doing it more efficiently that the A7 chip could do alone. Using a smaller amount of power, the M7 measures and tracks motion data, making the information accessible to any apps that may need it. This opens doors for fitness and lifestyle apps and has already allowed developers to start working on a number of apps that will have increased efficiency.

5) Longer Battery Life:

Apple have always been known for their ability to produce Smartphone’s that are more energy efficient than some, but with both the A6 Chip and the M7 coprocessor working together, the iPhone 5s the most energy efficient iPhone to date. The M7 coprocesser completes tasks without using the A6 chip which meaning that the iPhone 5s operates with greater energy efficiency. Not only that but the fact that the M7 coprocesser can detect almost exactly what you are doing whether that’s walking, running or driving means that it knows when the iPhone is stationary and reduces network pinging which contributes to your battery lifespan.

6) Slow motion video function:

One of the coolest new features of the iPhone 5s is its ability to support slow motion videos in an amazing 720p HD resolution. Choose the section of your video you wish to slow down and with the iPhone 5s you can do just this. It doesn’t matter if you are making comic videos or works of art, you can create and share them with ease with the iPhone 5s. This is one feature that has already proved to be a hugely popular, with many iPhone 5s users already posting their slow motion clips online for the world to see.

7) iSight Camera:

It’s not just the Slow motion function that is so great about the iPhone 5s camera however; once again the camera has improved for the iPhone 5s. The image sensor and the aperture are wider which creates clearer, shaper images and the ability to take professional looking photos has increased. The iPhone 5s features and advanced technologies are custom designed to work with the popular iSight camera’s software which means that whether you are taking panoramic pictures or doing a live video zoom, you don’t need to be an expert photographer to create stunning results.

8) FaceTime HD Camera:

FaceTime changed communication as we know it. If you are travelling away from home then speaking to loved ones can be a great comfort and thanks to the iPhone 5s you can now do it in high definition. The iPhone 5s new FaceTime camera comes with larger pixals and an improved illumination sensor so that it can be used in any lighting. Combine this with the ability to make audio only FaceTime calls in iOS 7 and communicating when you are away from home just got a lot easier.

9) iOS 7:

Although iOS 7 is available for download on other devices, the iPhone 5s is the one iPhone perfectly designed to compliment iOS 7 from the start and work in harmony with the new, cleaner, and easier to use icons. Plus it is readily available on the iPhone 5S which means that there will be no time wasted waiting for it to update. iOS 7 is the most intuitive interface to date and allows everything you need can be found quickly and simply by reducing the number of steps taken.

10) Everything Apple already provided:

The truly great thing about the iPhone 5s is that while the handset gets smaller, the benefits and features get greater. Apple don’t simply replace functions, they enhance them. The iPhone 5s not only has all of the new features but still has a number of great built in apps so you can still create feature length movies or organise your personal diary on the go. It also still features the much loved iCloud. Through the use of iCloud you can access your personal content across all your Apple devices. You can also use iCloud to share videos and photos with your friends as you see fit and engage in discussions by commenting on shared media. Plus the new Activation Lock feature of find my iPhone means that it is harder for anyone else to use or even sell your device if it should get lost or stolen.

If you do choose to invest in a new iPhone 5s then make sure you are get the right Gadget Insurance for your new device. The sleek look of the iPhone 5s and its market value can make it all the more attractive to thieves and if you are using it daily then the risk of loss or accidental damage may be high. Luckily Protect Your Bubble covers you for all of the above and more, so you can enjoy the new features of your iPhone 5s with the peace of mind that you are covered if something should go wrong.

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